First in the Entrepreneurship Interview Series

In the quest to provide you with relevant, insightful advice and information, I am kicking off my Entrepreneurship Interview Series with today’s best known and up-and-coming thought leaders on topics pertaining to business and entrepreneurship.  This first interview is with none other than Michael E. Gerber, America’s #1 Small Business Guru and author of over a dozen books including the E-Myth Revisited.  His work has transformed more than 65,000 businesses in over 145 countries worldwide, so he definitely has lots of experience to leverage.

Whether you are a small business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, advisor of small businesses or just generally curious about the topic of business, I know you will gain some valuable insights. 

In this interview, we talk about Michael’s brand new book, The Most Successful Small Business In the World: The Ten Principles and touch on a variety of topics including:

  -The single biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make that holds them back from being successful;

  -What the “Most Successful Small Business in the World” looks like;

  -What you should do if the business you are in is not truly scalable;

  -How the “10 Principles” apply to entrepreneurs that are motivated by something other than just purely profits;

  -How you can build a business that is sustainable through all economic conditions;

  -And more

You can listen to the player below (it may not show for some of you) or click the link to download or stream the MP3 file.

    ** Click here to download the interview audio file**

You can connect with Michael E. Gerber via his website at and you can pick up his new book The Most Successful Small Business In the World: The Ten Principles everywhere now.  Feel free to leave comments here as well and I will pass them on to Michael.

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