Many founders and marketers can get very excited thinking about rebranding. It’s fun to envision new colors and logos and fonts and messaging. That said, it’s also a lot of work and will have a ripple effect throughout your business. 

Here are some things you need to consider before you invest time and money in a rebrand. 

Is rebranding necessary? 

Is there a compelling reason (or several reasons) for you to rebrand? 

Is there a way to extend your current brand?

Remember that your current customers may be attached to your current brand. If you have brand recognition in your niche, you may lose that when you rebrand. 

Also, a poorly executed rebrand may hurt you in the marketplace and negatively impact your reputation. Rebranding is something you should plan to do right, or not do it at all. 

Is now the right time to do it? 

Rebranding is disruptive to the business and will impact more than just the marketing department. 

If you are going into your busy season, this may not be the right time to rebrand. 

If you are running lean and don’t have enough staff trained and in place, this might not be the time to rebrand. 

Is there a rebranding plan in place? 

Rebranding goes beyond just a new logo. It needs to be applied consistently across all internal and external sales and marketing materials – offline, online, audio, video etc. 

The new colors, fonts, messaging, and brand promise need to be incorporated into everything in your business. Think about potentially having to rewrite or rework your products, website, print materials, trade show booths, swag, advertising, etc. 

Is there a brand relaunch plan in place?

Once you have established the new brand, you will need to roll it out to your customers and prospects. Have you thought through the marketing support and budget you would need for that? 

Is there buy-in for the rebranding? 

Have you talked to key stakeholders? Are the key stakeholders excited about and committed to this project? 

Have you identified internal brand ambassadors? 

If you have gone through these questions and confirmed that rebranding is needed and it is the right time to make this investment, then move on to mapping out your plan. Communicate the why and the how and the anticipated benefits your company hopes to get from this effort internally and externally.

Your employees and customers should resonate with the new brand. Make sure you include their input so they feel connected with it. 

Rebranding is a big initiative even at a small business. Sometimes you need to do it, but go into this initiative knowing what it will take so that you can do it successfully. 

Photo by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙 on Unsplash