Any client I work with at some point will hear me say, “Fortune favors the bold.”

When I find myself saying the same thing to multiple people in the same week, I make a video about it.

I did do a search on who originally said this and went down a huge rabbit hole, and then I gave up.

Who said it isn’t as important as the strategy, which is really important.

When I suggest you go big and bold, I am not recommending bluffing (although there is a time for that).

What I am talking about here is pointing out how someone might have thought they needed one thing, but they really need another.

Or, clearly demonstrating how your skills can solve a problem for your client, even if you don’t exactly match their expectations.

When you are grounded in your experience, you might be surprised at how people respond.

This isn’t arrogance – it’s confidence.

It’s clearly articulating the value your bring.

I give some specific examples to cement this concept in the video below.

Where could you go big and bold?