Crack may be whack, but addicted customers are a business’ best friend

Connecting with your target customer is often not about a need, it is about a want.  Wants address financial, time, physical and other benefits for consumers.  But potentially, the most important benefit that you can deliver is an emotional benefit.  Especially if it is an emotional benefit that fills a need so deep, the customers can’t bear to be without it.

Are you delivering a product, service and/or experience so craveworthy that your customers will do about anything to get it?

Will they drive out of their way for it?

Will they pay a premium to be the first to experience it?

Do they “jones” for it?

If so, you are selling drugs, and that is not always a bad thing.  I am not talking about controlled substances, I am talking about an addictive experience that the customer can’t stop thinking about.

Many companies, big and small, have mastered this:

-The Swarovski Crystal Society has over 325,000 customers who pay for the privilege of buying even more products from the company
-Consumers camp out for the latest iPhones and to be the first to see the new installment in the Star Wars franchise
-My friend’s hair colorist pampers her so much and that she drives 1.5 hours each way to get her hair done every six weeks

Is any of this rational?  Hell to the no.  But selling a product and service sometimes has little to do with rationality.  And if you can create something so addictive to your customer that they will go out of their way for it, that they have to have it, that it casts aside all sensible behavior, you are selling drugs.  And everyone knows that selling drugs is a very profitable business to be in.

Don’t “just say no”.  Rather, strive to create that addictive offering and experience.  A junkie will do just about anything to get their fix and that is exactly the type of customer that you want.