When Bill Gates said that content is king in an essay published on Microsoft’s website in 1996, it appears he envisaged content is what businesses will need to win in the competitive world of digital marketing.

According to Borrel Associates International, businesses in the United States spent $63.3 billion on content marketing in 2019.

How much did your business budget for content marketing in 2021? Or do you think it isn’t necessary? Read this piece to the end to discover why your business should consider content marketing in 2022.

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing helpful and relevant content consistently to a target audience with the goal of attracting them, retaining them, and turning them into loyal customers.

Builds E.A.T

E.A.T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, which are critical in business. The easiest way to demonstrate these qualities to your ideal customers is through content marketing.

When your business creates and distributes valuable content consistently in a particular niche, your audience will begin to rely on you and trust your opinion. They will continue to return to you for help on those topics, and even recommend your content to others.

Cuts down on your advertising cost

Businesses can spend a ton of money on advertising, especially those that are just starting to gain traction, and the worst part is that some of those ads do not convert. But with content marketing, you can spend less on ads because the content itself is a form of advertising that stays in the memory of your target audience.

Boosts social media engagement

When you distribute valuable content via your social media platforms, you boost engagement because people care about valuable content. They will engage with it by liking it, commenting on it, and most importantly, sharing it with their friends, which helps spread the word about your business.

Creates awareness for your brand

Your target customers need to know about your business and the solutions you offer. By creating and distributing content related to your business and the products or services you offer, you help your ideal customers see you have a solution to their problem, or what they are looking for.

For example, Glossier is a US-based cosmetic brand that used content marketing to build 1.5 million unique monthly visitors, and is now valued at around $400 million.

Generates quality leads that convert 

Customers are becoming more aware and want to be well informed before they make a purchase. That’s where content marketing comes in. Using the three common funnels (TOFU – top of the funnel, MOFU – middle of the funnel, BOFU – button of the funnel), you can guide target customers through the buyer’s journey, generating leads that can convert to sales.

Are you still in doubt? Here are some content marketing statistics that might inspire you to take action.

Now that you know the benefits your business stands to gain if you embrace content marketing in 2022, the next step is to think through possible content topics. Then, brainstorm on how your business can best approach content marketing to ensure you become one of the businesses growing their brands through content creation and distribution.