People have been saying that direct mail was dead for a long time. However, with email being fast and cheap, our inboxes are overflowing, and it’s hard to grab attention.

In Carol’s recent post on the CorpNet Launch blog, “Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing – Which Should You Use?” she shares some suggestions for where direct mail works well, and where email is a better fit. Carol begins:

Everyone has an opinion on whether you should use direct mail vs. email marketing to promote your business. Opinions on this topic are like noses – everyone has one and they’re all different.

You know you need to promote your business, but you want to use your marketing dollars effectively. As a small business owner, you may have a small marketing budget and need to get a big bang for your buck.

With that in mind, let me walk you through some examples, which can help you determine what the right strategies could be for marketing your business.

Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing: Pros to Consider

Direct mail can be used for both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing. You can get a viewer’s attention by using thick card stock on a postcard and/or a picture that has strong visual impact.

Another tactic is to have some kind of giveaway in a small package that makes the package lumpy. Like a Cracker Jack box, people want to see the prize inside, and so they’ll open it.

Also, who else gets hundreds of emails a day? Direct mail may actually get your attention.

Below are some specific benefits of using direct mail vs. email.

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