(Note: Post has been revised to reflect new time slot of this show)

Suzanne Caplan, entrepreneur, advisor, author of 13 business books and radio host has launched a new format for her semi-weekly show on Pittsburgh Business Radio (WMNY) called Women Mean Business. This show is streamed live and podcast archives are available so anyone worldwide can take advantage of this great resource.

As Suzanne discussed in her inaugural segment, this show is not just for women. If you employ women, sell to women or advise women, this is a great opportunity to better understand the conversations women are having in regards to business as well as the issues they are facing as business owners. 

Click here to listen to my recent appearance on the show, discussing some of the staggering differences in the success of businesses owned by women vs. those owned by men. It is “part two” of the download. 

Women Mean Business is on every other Tuesday from 2-5PM Eastern Time on WMNY Radio.