It’s no secret that Carol is a huge NFL fan. In her recent post on Bank of America’s Small Business Community, “6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the NFL’s First Female Coach,” she shares what we can learn from Dr. Jen Welter. Carol begins:

Jen Welter is the first woman to coach in the NFL. As I read her new book, Play Big, I was deeply impressed by the powerful insights it offered for entrepreneurs. So, I reached out to her to talk through some lessons derived from her book and her own experiences to share with you here on the Business Advantage Small Business Community.

Play Big

For a small business, the challenge is often how you can compete with companies that are further along in their development. Welter suggests you play big on your own terms, with your own advantages. For example, she advises if you are at a disadvantage in terms of staff, resources etc., “…instead of trying to ‘out-big them’, why not out-little them? What you lack in size you have in mobility and responsiveness, so out-little and out-fast them – it’s what I did my whole career!”

Play Your Own Game

Success is not a one-size-fits-all proposition for anyone. For business owners, defining your own vision of success is critical, and being authentic is your competitive advantage. As Welter says, “Never try to play someone else’s game; you have to define your own. You cannot be all things to all people, nor should you want to be. What makes you different is absolutely what makes you special. Why fit in when you can stand up and stand out?”

Dr. Welter had to use her own measures of success as she played pro football and ultimately coached in the NFL. Use the same philosophy as you decide what goals and objectives are right for you.

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