Dear fellow entrepreneurs, one thing I know about you is that many of you are spending too much time alone in your business and are not getting out and meeting other entrepreneurs trying to do big things. 

You probably know that you need to build your professional network, but you might not be sure where you should go to do that.

We have a suggestion for you. 

Our friend, Ramon Ray, is presenting a conference and awards ceremony in New York City on April 18-19, 2024. If you don’t know Ramon, he is a high-energy guy who has built and sold several companies, and for this event he is partnering with marketing legend Seth Godin!

From the conference website

The Entrepreneurs Conference and Awards, is a celebration and recognition of entrepreneurs thriving in their zone of genius.

Produced and hosted by Ramon Ray, and headlined by Seth Godin, this event is a special gathering of leaders, non-conformists, box breakers and risk takers.

The event brings together a curated gathering of business owners, authors, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profit leaders, and educators – all in support of entrepreneurship.

Celebrate entrepreneurial success, learn, and be motivated to continue to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Ramon Ray is bringing together a curated group of business owners and their supporters for two days of inspiration and education. Join us! 

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Do you want to make valuable connections that can help you and your business for years to come? Check out the VIP Attendees on the website page – people you might get to meet and connect with – and then sign up with the code to get 15% off.