Holiday 3Today’s post is the last in the series. I thought it would be fun to include some information that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find on Business Unplugged™ – some topics that maybe go against the standard thinking or have unusual influences.

Britt Raybould starts us out with a compelling piece titled You Can’t Afford to Start with a Business Model.

Cate Moore blew me away with a post that is definitely not what we would normally post – but certainly struck a chord with readers and was shared all around the social networks. You will want to check out Delicious Idleness: Dolce far Niente.

Shanna Mallon contributed several terrific posts this year but I had to pick one, so given the season, I ask you to consider if you have any of these: 12 Signs You Might Be a Workaholic.

And, lastly, I present one of mine. This seems like a stretch but I actually think it works. Please enjoy What Tango Dancing Taught Me About Small Business.

I hope you have enjoyed the 12 Posts from Carol. Happy Holidays!