Fireworks 2014Ah, the New Year is upon is and it’s pretty much a prerequisite that we take the time to reflect on the last year and plan for the year ahead.  If your last year was anything like mine, you may be tempted to focus on the bad things—what went wrong and what you certainly hope doesn’t show up this year.

Regardless of how awful 2013 proved to be, it is much more productive for you to do an evaluation—both personally and professionally—from a place of abundance.  Now, that may sound very “woo-woo” and against the grain from my typical hard-nosed advice, but hear me out.

Too many entrepreneurs stay mired in thought about what didn’t work and what they don’t have available to them. For a more productive year, I want you to flip this thinking on its head.  That’s right- focus on what did work and what resources you do have available to you.  Most of the time, your resources are more than ample and focusing on how you achieved successes can provide a concrete roadmap for more.

It’s very easy and a bit cliché to lament that we would be more successful if we just had more ________ (insert your favorite into the blank…time, people, money, etc.).  The reality is that we often have plenty and just aren’t prioritizing and optimizing our resources at hand.  In fact, even with more, we might not know what to do with it because our issue isn’t a lack of resources; it’s a use of resources.

So, as you look ahead and hone in on what you want to accomplish this year, be highly focused on what you already have available to you.  Then, map your plan around what you can do and you will be on your way to an even more successful year.