2019 has just begun and the start of this brand new year is the perfect time to set your mindset for business achievement and success. So, in grand CarolRoth.com tradition, we have again asked our incredible contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their own business-related New Year’s resolutions for 2019. Allow their resolutions to motivate your own business success for the year ahead. Their answers are presented below in no particular order.

You may notice some similar resolutions listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. Get My Hands Dirty

My 2019 resolution is to hack more. Yes, I said hack, but I don't mean anything nefarious about it. My company is in the InfoSec industry and we're so busy developing our product offerings, securing new contracts, and speaking at conferences that I rarely find time to practice the skill set that allowed me to become successful and proficient in this industry. I think a lot of business owners get too far removed from the work and they need to get their hands dirtier in 2019.
Thanks to: Pedram Amini of InQuest.

2. Truly Connect With My People

My number one business goal for the new year is travel more. Honestly, I want to continue making connections and help more people, and while virtual meetings are great, nothing beats actually meeting face to face.

My coach always talks about ‘belly to belly’ conversations and I truly believe that having those intimate talks with my existing mentors and business besties, as well as the new friendships I will forge along the way will be exactly what I need to enrich my life and my business.
Thanks to: Carla Williams Johnson of Carli Communications.

3. Be More Deliberate with Tech

In the past, I oftentimes would default to picking up my phone if had downtime. And by downtime, I mean as little as a few seconds while waiting on an elevator.

In 2019, I resolve to use my phone (and other technology) in a more deliberate fashion, and not just a way to spend time. This will help me be more purposeful in my business and personal activities.
Thanks to: Spencer Smith of Spencer X Smith - Speaker.

4. Hiring Senior Women Executives

In 2019, I resolve to recruit several senior female executives to our company. Aside from many of our larger corporate clients wanting us to provide senior level coaching and mentoring to females BY females, we believe having women on board will give us additional perspective and diversity of thought as a firm. Adding female executives to join the company will be a top priority in the new year.
Thanks to: Robert Morlot of Clearwater Business Advisers.

5. Go Local

Our agency does business nationwide but in 2019, we plan to make a very focused effort to grow our local business, get more involved in the local community and support some of the things that are happening right here in our backyard. When you work by phone, it's so easy to market nationally and you sometimes forget that there are a whole lot of people right here in your hometown who could benefit from your services, as well.
Thanks to: Danielle Roberts of Boomer Benefits.

6. Bigger Impact, Less Clients

Instead of casting a wide net, I intend to work with a smaller, super committed group of clients where I can dive deeper into their businesses and really move the needle for them.
Thanks to: Jamie Broderick of JamieBroderick.com.

7. Off the Back Burner

There is a project I've wanted to start for several years, but it's been one of those things that just remains on the back burner, most likely because I'm not exactly sure how or where to begin. Of course, that's just a convenient excuse. The project pertains to children who stutter. As someone who has dealt with stuttering, it's near and dear to my heart.
Thanks to: Peter George of Peter George Public Speaking Inc.

8. Sell Everything!

First: Eat more lobster, play more golf!
And, find a publisher for my novel "Cemetery of Lies." Sell some songs I co-wrote called "Big Bucks" and "Run For Office." Sell the video tombstone I invented! Sell zillions of copies of my advertising booklet called "The Barrows Popularity Factor." Sell my artwork. You can see more about these on my website. And, sell seven proposals for some projects and promotions I developed that could help generate tremendous advertising revenues for media companies.
Thanks to: Robert Barrows of R.M. Barrows Advertising.

9. Narrow Your Focus

Too many companies are trying to be everything to everyone. They try to compete in markets that they do not understand, nor have the resources or expertise in to differentiate themselves.

What if, instead, we all focused on what we do well?

What if we understood what we did, who we did it for, what problems we could actually solve for them & communicated this effectively to an audience that cared?

Take the time to know your value & your audience.

Concentrate on people you can help!
Thanks to: Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing.

10. Nurture Personal Passions

The one main business-related New Year’s Resolution I have is to focus on and support more organizations that I'm personally passionate about and invested in. Boxing is Love is the perfect example of a foundation whose mission I'm proud to stand behind. I believe that collaborating with organizations outside of your industry bubble is monumental in cultivating new relationships and generating fresh revenue streams. I love pairing with organizations that fuel my passion but also give back.
Thanks to: Georgette Pascale of Pascale.

11. Out With the Old

After our busy Holiday season, our packing area is looking rather distressed. It's time to think about a new organizational system. We will be adding additional shelving, getting rid of packaging that we no longer use, and organizing labels and bottles in a clear way so that everyone who works here will know how to find something. When you are low on space, it doesn't take much to make things look and feel chaotic.
Thanks to: Cindy Jones of Colorado Aromatics Skin Care.

12. Trying to Know the Unknowable

Dr. W. Edwards Deming, my personal hero, believed "the greatest losses are unknown and unknowable." My main business resolution for 2019 is to anticipate what might be lost by a decision to act (or a failure to act) and to take measures to avoid the consequences. I may not be able to know all the losses that may occur, but I am determined to know some of them.
Thanks to: Marlene Caroselli.

13. Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds

My resolution is to work with my staff to eat healthier at the office. We provide free food and drinks to our team members and we are filing the fridge with healthy items like fruits and veggies. So long Ding Dongs and soda!
Thanks to: Christopher Carter of Approyo.

14. More Emphasis on Marketing!

My 2019 resolution is selfish, but is also long overdue. I need to spend more time concentrating on marketing instead of helping others. This past year, many friends turned to me daily for help for personal issues. It took a toll on my business and caused distractions. I am still going to be there for friends, but in 2019, I will set aside a much smaller portion of my day doing so. I must increase my marketing efforts in 2019 so I can help more women worldwide who suffer from pelvic pain.
Thanks to: Tara Langdale-Schmidt of VuVatech.

15. Old School Skills Still Sell

With all the technology, the gadgets and sales training, sometimes we forget Old School Skills still sell. To have a long lasting relationship requires those old school sales skills of actually talking person to person, answering the phone, personally following up to even sending out a handwritten thank you note. President Teddy Roosevelt understood sales when he said "No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." My resolution is to always remember Roosevelt's words.
Thanks to: Leanne Hoagland-Smith of ADVANCED SYSTEMS.

16. I Will Delegate More!

I have more work than I can handle at times and because of this, I don't have a lot of time left to focus on growing my business. Growing my business is huge, not only for me, but for many entrepreneurs. It's time for me to stop wearing all of the hats and start bringing in others to pick up the slack. This will not only help grow my business, but will allow me more free time to focus on my family and friends.
Thanks to: Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care, LLC.

17. Automation is Key

In 2018, I spent a lot of time running my online travel agency, often doing work that wasn't the best use of my time. As a result, I wasn't able to accomplish some of my marketing goals. In 2019, I'm working on removing myself from day to day operations so that I can focus on working ON my business, instead of working IN it. I have hired a manager to help manage employees, and plan to hire a virtual assistant to help with low-level administrative tasks.
Thanks to: Heather Thomas.


In business, when you have a success with your product line, there is a tendency to get complacent, lazy, sit back, do less, and just let things roll in. But lightning in a bottle does not come around that often. And when it does, if you are smart, you should work even harder to expand on your success. So this year, I plan to add at least a half dozen new Costume Quacker celebrity rubber ducks to our line... a lot of work... but keeping your company fresh and relevant is what it's all about!
Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.

19. Getting Organized

I'm already starting. While I've long been organized in terms of tracking and following up leads, I've pretty much sucked at keeping up blogging and social media schedules. This has meant lapses and lost opportunities. No more! By January 1, I will be organized.
Thanks to: David Leonhardt of THGM Ghostwriters.

20. The Real Social Marketing

The internet and social marketing channels are a mainstay of life, but I firmly believe they do more to isolate us than to bring us together. This year, I will be creating regular meet ups to meet, greet and exchange travel information in a live situation. This is the 'real' social marketing. We are all very tribal and enjoy meeting people with common interests and values. It will be more work, but I think the outcome will be much more fruitful.
Thanks to: Mitch Krayton of Krayton Travel.

21. Called to Lead

Leadership is humility. Ask, "What can I do for others?" As a leader, sweep the floor, clean the bathroom, have an open door policy. Set yourself apart by acknowledging others.
"Selflessness is humility. Humility and freedom go hand in hand. Only a humble person can be free." -Jeff Wilson
Are you ready for freedom? Be a humble leader in your company, your circle of influence and your family.
Thanks to: Royce Gomez of Royce Talks.

22. Be Less Necessary

My New Year's resolution, that I expect will be my main project of the year, is to make myself less necessary for my business. Now that CrankWheel has really started to grow, I've decided to make changes so that I am less necessary in the day-to-day operation of the company. This means improving documentation, spending more time on training, and finding great people to fill necessary roles.
Thanks to: Jói Sigurdsson of CrankWheel.

23. Double Down On What Works

While the past year has been great for my business, there have been initiatives that have worked well and other activity that hasn't worked so well.

I'll kick off the New Year by focusing more time and energy on what's been working for us in the past year.

But, a secondary goal is to experiment with tactics and strategies that I didn't have time for in 2018. Because, what works may not always work. We should always be testing.
Thanks to: Adam Connell of Funnel Overload.

24. Stop! Look & Listen, Then Leap

Being time-strapped, I tend to rush in with my tool kit and start fixing. I resolve for 2019 to stop and count slowly to 5 so that I can breathe, then wholeheartedly look and listen before I leap in.

Silence is truly golden. Honing powers of looking and listening can enhance one's understanding of any situation, business or personal. Staying quiet allows a calming, reassuring presence to allow clarity and wisdom to surface. Just stop, breathe, and then act. Fools rush in.
Thanks to: Jean Chow of MsBizWiz.

25. Just One More Social Channel

Vow to master one more social media channel. You know that your brand needs a bit more oomph. Plan to focus on one new social media tool: Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit: there are so many to choose from, it's bewildering.

Rather than focus on all of them, just do one in 2019. This more likely will allow you to actually do it and do it well.
Thanks to: Scott W Johnson of Whole Vs Term.


As children, lashing out verbally may have been a way to express your powerlessness over a situation or an attack on your individuality or personal control. As adults, those response techniques no longer work– especially when it comes to subordinates, co-workers, business partners, suppliers and sometimes even customers.

What is free about this resource? It is you – the owner. You have the ability not to create lasting damage among your peers and it costs you nothing.
Thanks to: Mark Dobosz of National Creditors Bar Association.

27. 2019 Resolution

To be in the Black ALL year long!
Thanks to: Adam Schulte of Quarks American Bento.

28. Welcome to Our Town!

In 2019, we've set a new goal to be one of the first to welcome new businesses to our community. We're a digital marketing company, so we've decided to have personalized #Hashtag signs created for all the new businesses that move in, so they can hang them in their business and encourage engagement from customers that come in. It's a direct correlation to the services we offer and will keep us top of mind while helping them to build their online presence at the same time!
Thanks to: Bobbi Baehne of Think Big Go Local, Inc.

29. Lower Expenses & Expectations

One of the fastest ways to raise your income is to lower your outgo. In 2019, I'm vowing to tighten the purse strings and keep a wise eye on the brand's bottom line. As for being happy in the business, my resolution is to recalibrate my expectations of others and create a more fair vision of what will constitute success. It's one thing to be driven and goal-oriented, but ten years into our business, it's time to enjoy the journey as much as the hypothetical destination.
Thanks to: Donna Chambers of SensaCalm Weighted Blankets.

30. Increase Impact with Kindness

This year, I will make kindness and compassion strategic priorities of my communication strategy business. Client relationships and projects will be measured against how much their outcomes and impact benefit others. In addition to the usual metrics for capturing the success of communication strategies, the focus will be on how they result in people knowing more and doing better. In addition, positive social impact will be a deciding factor in accepting new client business.
Thanks to: Christopher Fox of Syncresis.

31. Practice Patience

I resolve to be more patient with myself and the various processes that go into building and running a business. I will remind myself that multi-million dollar companies were not built overnight and that all the little steps are important and valuable, too.
Thanks to: Lindsey Myers of Concrete Blonde Consulting.

32. Renaming the Resolution

Too often, people make New Year's Resolutions and within a month, it's forgotten. I see it every year. In January, I always sell a ton of salads. Then, what happens to the diets? I have decided to rename New Year's Resolution to New Year's Promise!! My New Year's promise as a Small Business owner this year is to be the leader in my community in keeping people involved and enlightened as to what is happening in our community. I promise to support other Small Businesses in their causes to promote unity.
Thanks to: Brian Weavel of Anna's Pizza & Pasta.

33. Explore New Revenue Streams

My business New Year’s resolution is to explore and execute on new potential streams of revenue. I’ve already proven to myself that my current business is viable, but what I’d really like to achieve next is a revenue stream that makes money while I sleep or take a vacation! That’s not to say that I want to stop working (I enjoy creating and staying busy) — just that I’d love to be able to work in sprints and achieve a better work/life balance.
Thanks to: Maddy Osman of The Blogsmith.

34. Shoot for the Stars!

Make your 2019 New Year's resolution even bigger this year. Resolve to do MORE of what WORKS. Resolve to invest your time and $$$ to grow your sales, provide higher quality customer service, & solidify your expertise. Learn to say "no" to people and things that do not align with your resolution and action goals. Resolve to challenge your limiting thoughts. If you don't reach higher, you will stay put or worse, slide back.
Thanks to: Denise Levine of Outside In Organizer and Makeovers.

35. Drive Success with Referrals

My New Year's resolution for 2019 is to get all our customer-facing reps at Badger to ask for referrals.

The key is that your customers:
1) Love their main point of contact at your company
2) Love your product
3) You ask them for referrals

Nothing is more credible than hearing from someone who is successful using a solution. Your happy customers don't always think about making referrals, so you have to ask.
Thanks to: Steve Benson of Badger Maps.

36. Become More Mindful

I resolve to reduce the impact of emotional hijacking on the decision-making process, so we can make more rational decisions. This will come from listening more attentively and finding ways to become calm and mindful in the moment.
Thanks to: Steven Howard of Caliente Leadership.

37. More Efficient Ad Spending

My main business resolution for 2019 is to make my advertising spending at least 30% more efficient. I will identify various ways to reduce cost-per-click, cost-per-conversion, and other advertising related costs. I also plan on using more specific retargeting audiences to stretch my advertising budget even more.
Thanks to: James Pollard of The Advisor Coach.

38. Get Social in My Small Biz

I'm a growth-hacker and I like applying innovative strategies for my clients to grow their businesses. But, getting social in your business, especially when it's a small one, is one of the key strategies of 2019 and beyond that is going to help a lot in both retaining and growing the business. Creating groups on Facebook is one main part of this strategy and I will finally be doing the same for my small business in 2019.
Thanks to: Daniel Shane of LogoOrbit.

39. Topple a Behemoth!

My 2019 New Year’s resolution is to seize opportunities quickly and close the gap on our competition. Our small medical practice competes with a giant hospital-owned behemoth. Most of the time, this puts us at a disadvantage. When it comes to making decisions and acting quickly, however, our small size gives us a profound advantage: We can attack opportunities like a ninja, leaving the lumbering hospital bureaucracy behind. I want to give them a run for their money this coming year!
Thanks to: Dr. Andre Saad of The Woman's Health Pavilion.

40. Better Grasp of Cash Flow

In 2019, I’m resolved to maintain a better understanding of our cash flow. The ebbs and flows of this business are a result of variables that aren’t in our control, which can provide us great returns or unexpected losses. Maintaining a guarded and steady approach, while still remaining innovative and relevant is important. To solve this, we’ve streamlined our accounting, hired a full charge bookkeeper, and obtain financial data in real time so we can make educated decisions expeditiously.
Thanks to: Tom Ayres of Daigle & Travers Insurance.

41. Educating the Public in 2019

Our 2019 New Year's resolution is all about education! We're a national stem cell organization and in our circle of peers, we all know what they can provide for our patients. That said, there’s still an aura of novelty with the general public that we're trying to change. It's our goal to showcase and educate about the benefits of stem cell treatments for ailments like joint pain, facial aesthetics, and cellular rejuvenation, so they can actually start to benefit from this medical advancement.
Thanks to: GiGi Arce of National Stem Cell Centers.

42. Expand Past Men

We offer hair restoration and we'd like to secure more female and transgender patients in 2019. For years, hair restoration has long been considered a 'male procedure', but with new technologies that is no longer how the public should perceive hair loss or restoration. New technology allows our doctors to seamlessly integrate transferred hair follicles anywhere on a patient's head, face or body to mimic natural hairlines and growth. This is absolutely something that all patients can enjoy!
Thanks to: Mac Fadra of MAXiM Hair Restoration.

43. Better Delegation Decisions

My resolution is to find more efficient delegation techniques and make better decisions in this area.

We're running a bootstrapped remote business and each of us is responsible for multiple job titles. We also know that what we enjoy, or are good at, aren't necessarily the highest value tasks for the business.

For example, I love to write and it's one of my stronger skills. Most of what I write could be outsourced and I could use the same time on marketing that has a much higher value.
Thanks to: Lavis Jason of Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.

44. Less Work, More Walk Meetings

Almost all of our team sits in front of a computer for the entire work day. In an effort to make sure everyone keeps active for a portion of said day, we're going to institute "walk meetings" instead of work meetings. It's still a work meeting, but you'll have to be walking during it. We're going to provide company branded notepads that can easily fit in a pocket, so that way, if there is a note that needs to be taken while on the walk meeting, you'll be all set!
Thanks to: Helen Kosterman of AmpliPhi.

45. Biz Resolution - 2019

We at Talk Travel want to become a net profit business in 2019. We are a young startup with a very dedicated and motivated team and have been working very hard over Talk Travel for the last one year or so. We have been bootstrapping ourselves and have established a good reputation with our clients. And, this year, we want to take it forward, to start extracting net positive returns from the business. We want to focus on our customer acquisition and marketing efforts and increase the ROI.
Thanks to: Saurabh Jindal of Talk Travel.

46. New Year's Resolution for 2019

My New Year's resolution is to cultivate a more fun and enjoyable work environment for employees. I'm aware that working for my company isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Given this, I plan on providing free snacks and beverages for employees, as well as a ping pong table and smart speakers for their use during breaks. I'm hoping these added perks will improve the mood and general disposition of employees. In turn, I think this will improve efficiency and the quality of their work.
Thanks to: Matthew Ross of The Slumber Yard.

47. Listen to My Team

My business resolution for 2019 is to listen to my team. We have been through a great deal together this year, and every day has (literally) been a new adventure. As we move forward, I find it is critical to listen to their feedback and take it in so that we may grow together.
Thanks to: Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.com.

48. Monthly Revenue + Salesperson

I resolve to try to make our work so good, that our aggressive monthly recurring revenue goal (of 75k) takes care of itself. I have tended to be such a sales focused entrepreneur this past year that the growth is starting to require deeper attention on the work itself, and it's time I dive in to making our process, methods, and results better – My goal is that we hit this 75k monthly recurring revenue, with a new sales person & I'm able to spend twice as much time on the work itself.
Thanks to: Tim Brown of Hook Agency.

49. Stop Hiding Behind a Logo

My business is about a delicate topic -- quitting drinking alcohol without AA. I've been terrified to go public and have been hiding behind a business logo and stock photos for fear of criticism and reputation-damage. But for 2019, I vow to show my face, share my story, and to get the word out there that you don't have to identify as an addict OR go to AA to quit drinking, and sobriety can be FUN! It's the coolest thing on the planet and it's my job to make sure everyone knows!
Thanks to: Allie McCormick of Sober Alley.

50. Cohesive Leadership Team

One of the key lessons I have learned this year is how important having a true Leadership Team is, as opposed to managers who work for you. For me, if our company can have our leaders all having crystal clear clarity on our top priorities and solving real problems, that will make the biggest difference in moving our business forward. But to do this, we need to be a team and work together. Not just come to meetings, but trust that the other leaders have their back and are there to help.
Thanks to: Tom Malesic of EZMarketing.

51. Getting Standard Procedures

As a smaller sized business, we have yet to encounter the need to have systems & procedures to get the job done. Going into 2019, however, having some standard operating procedures (also called SOPs) for the important, main areas in our business is going to be extremely important so we start doing things with consistency. This will be a major focus for us in 2019, which we hope will lead to better scale, efficiencies, and more organization.
Thanks to: Dustyn Ferguson of Dime Will Tell.

52. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

In 2019, our company is hyper-focusing on culture. Internally, we gauged interest by putting a softball sign-up sheet in the break room. Before we knew it, we had a full roster! We’re doing this because we believe happy team members lead to happy customers. We also believe our team members interacting with each other outside of work develops stronger bonds at work: communication between departments increases, productivity increases, and morale increases.
Thanks to: Trent Urban of The WireNut.

53. We Have to Get Social

My company has been putting off social media platforms since we have been in business and not posting or sharing on a regular basis. While I know that was a long time coming, I decided that in 2019 there could be no more excuses! We have to develop a stronger presence on social media to take advantage of lower hanging fruit and offer another method of communication with our clientele. I look forward to it, but I anticipate quite a learning curve.
Thanks to: Shane Shipley of 24/7 Electrical Services.

54. Hitting the Airwaves

At Radix Chiropractic, our biggest focus going into 2019 is to take the community by storm. Radix means radical and we want to create a radical shift in the way people see their health. To help facilitate in this endeavor, we’ve created a new radio program and are partnering with local radio stations to spread the word. Our topics are around raising healthier kids, chronic fatigue, and the importance of exercise. In 2019, we will be bringing health education to families on a weekly basis.
Thanks to: Dr. Ryan Betz of Radix Chiropractic.

55. Hit $20MM in Scholarships!

Our 2019 resolution is to triple the number of regional schools that we directly work with to help students earn college scholarships. We already serve students all across the region, but we can do more. We want to hit $20 million in scholarships for students in 2019 (we did $14 million in 2018). We plan to accomplish this by leveraging our creative marketing team and making direct school site visits to share how we helped some of the local schools rank as some of the top schools in the nation.
Thanks to: Philip Hutcherson of SAGE Affordable Tutoring.

56. We Will Beat the Texas Storms

Hail is a big problem in Texas. In 2018, there were 3 major hail storms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There was an estimated billion dollars in property damage. We predict 2019 is going to be no different. That’s why our resolution is to get our staff trained and operational as quickly as possible, so they can serve as many people who will be affected by these storms. The season is fast approaching, so we have our work cut out for us, but I'm certain we will persevere.
Thanks to: Daniel Spaeth of Dent Mechanic Group.

57. Dear Customer, Thank You!

Our 2019 New Year's resolution is to maintain more personalized communications with our customers. We work hard to get people to our website, book pet friendly hotel rooms, use our services, and eventually become loyal customers. We are so intent on increasing our profits, we often forget to thank those whose loyalty we depend on. They have other options, yet they choose us. To thank them, we will develop reward systems, including a rescue donation drive on behalf of our most loyal customers.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of Vacation Pet Friendly.

58. Instagram Insights

My New Year's resolution related to my business is to use Instagram Stories. Instagram stories can generate traffic, email signups, and sales. Use Canva to beautifully design your Story and include a link to your CTA.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of MostlyBlogging.com.

59. Integrated Security is a Must

In 2019, CIOs must truly make security an integrated part of the broader IT organization. IT leaders in organizations of all sizes will continue to face myriad challenges - growing security threats, new compliance regulations, talent scarcity, and a general need for more/better use of resources. Embracing a DevSecOps approach and finding ways to better align NOC and SOC functions, (both via technology and processes) will have to become the norm for enterprises as we close out this decade.
Thanks to: Amos Stern of Siemplify.

60. Eliminate the Bottleneck

I am a mom of a 3-year-old running a small publishing business. My goal for 2019 is to grow the business, but I'm already working at it full time. My big realization was that I have become the roadblock for further growth in my own company. Hence, my New Year's resolution is to eliminate this bottleneck - myself - by outsourcing or hiring for two positions: an editor and a writer.
Thanks to: Cynthia Brown of Only Top Reviews.

61. Merry in Quantity

Merry in quantity is the theme that we want to pursue next year. This may sound weird but in the online world, you have to be everywhere at the same time to be able to create trust, convince, and earn consumer's belief that you're the right company for their needs and ever present. And that's what we aim to do - be there in all types of media when customers need us, and more often.
Thanks to: Janil Jean of Logo Design Guru.

62. Build More Connections

My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to take time out of each day to get to know a different employee. Sure, there is not a direct correlation between this and turning a profit, but I want to feel connected to my employees so that I better understand them as people and what perspectives and skills they bring to our team. I believe that making conversation with them also makes them feel more comfortable at work and helps them feel more invested in the company itself.
Thanks to: Nate Masterson of Maple Holistics.

63. Share the Wealth

My 2019 resolution is to find more creative ways on how additional revenue can be shared across the board, whether as an incentive or company-provided training to fast-track upward career mobility within the organization.
Thanks to: Eric Hobbs of Technology Associates.

64. Recruitment Reshuffle

My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to invest more time and effort into my recruitment process. My current team is small but efficient - in the long run, however, I will need extra bodies to reach for new goals. I want to ensure that I make the right decision finding additions to the team. I’m going to up the ante with my interviewing regime to source individuals with the exact technical and social skills that I need for them to work seamlessly with the rest of the team.
Thanks to: Will Craig of LeaseFetcher.

65. Work Smarter

My business-related New Year's Resolution is to focus on the 20% of the things that make 80% of the difference. As an entrepreneur, it's easy to get caught up in time consuming tasks that don't move the needle forward. This year, I'm hyper-focused on results and how my actions drive them.
Thanks to: Jaclyn DiGregorio of Cusp It.

66. A Year of Love & Safety

Offer love and safety. Forty percent of U.S. households are headed by women, but most don’t have what they need to stay safe in a disaster. My goal is to give 30% of profits from the sale of our emergency kits to disaster relief efforts in the U.S. Love is my superpower. I pledge to inform and uplift, sending weekly “valentines” with safety tips for women. I will avoid fear-based marketing, and focus on compassion and helping others. We will remain positive and peaceful as we get prepared!
Thanks to: Maya Frost of Compassionate Survivalist.

67. More Articles and a Clone

My New Year's business resolution is to get my team to generate even more exciting data-driven articles that readers can use.
That - and I wouldn't mind cloning myself to get twice as much accomplished!
Thanks to: Sarah Johnson of FitSmallBusiness.com.

68. Actually Meet My Team!

We run a digital marketing agency called Galactic Fed. Ironically, while we've scaled to 130+ staff members in the past year, I've never physically met anyone in the company! Our team is spread over 5 timezones, and everyone is encouraged to travel and work remotely.

It would be awesome to finally sit down, in some corner of the world, and host a retreat to meet the team.
Thanks to: Irina Papuc of Galactic Fed.

69. Use Our Powers for Good!

I am the co-owner of the Galactic Fed, a growth marketing agency with 130+ fully remote staff spread across the world. We plan to roll out an initiative in 2019 to empower high school students whose reputations are tarnished on social media. Reputation management is already a service that marketing agencies offer, usually for large companies and celebrities, but kids need it just as much.
Thanks to: Zach Boyette of Galactic Fed.

70. "Less, But More" Content

For 2019, as a business we will be looking to be more selective with the content we put out and to have more direction in our content marketing. Instead of creating content that we know will get us traffic and clicks, we will be focusing on creating content that is unique and brings together a community of raving fans.
Thanks to: Nick Le of Gridfiti.

71. Prioritize

Launch a new product. Work on the idea that’s lingering for some time. Add some new feature to your website. Take care of your health. Build connections. Spend more time with family. The list goes on.
There’s just so much on your plate. Trying to finish it all will make you sick. This year, you must learn to apply the MoSCoW method to all of your plans or to-do lists. It's great to do it all, but even if you are getting the "musts" and "shoulds" done, don’t stress over the “ought tos”.
Thanks to: Sadi Khan of RunRepeat.

72. Don't Be Afraid of AI or ML

As technology advances, the marketplace matures alongside it. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are becoming more and more prevalent (and commonplace) as major corporations are deploying AI capabilities. Don't be afraid to ask questions and find out about the variety of vendors who are also tapping into the power of AI and ML. For small local businesses, harness technology to your advantage and experience more wins in this digital world.
Thanks to: Rodney Okano of Rodney K Okano Law Office.

73. Helping Beyond the Consult

As professionals, we are often focused on winning and producing favorable results for in then end. In 2019, consider going beyond the normal expectations by offering value in more ways than just the consult. Think about listening a little longer, summarizing more insightfully, and encouraging your prospects or clients with an extra sense of optimism.
Thanks to: D. Scott Dattan of Law Office Of Dattan Scott Dattan.

74. Be Vigilant in Your Service

As an experience and aggressive trial lawyer, I understand what it feels like to champion the cause of your clients. Upon onboarding a prospect, assuring them of an advocate ready to fight for their rights will provide a sense of relief and much needed confidence for all involved. In 2019, I encourage everyone to offer their clients assurance to cases and matters while enhancing the experience of working with you.
Thanks to: Damien M. Nolan of Damien M. Nolan Law Offices.

75. Trust Your Gut

As a former Doctor of Chiropractor for over 20 years, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in a variety of scenarios. Switching careers required a level of faith and trust in myself to enter into a completely different business sector. What major decisions are you gearing up to face in the new year? Stay mindful of your intuition and start within by examining yourself by trusting your instincts. Make 2019 your best year ever!
Thanks to: Louis Patino of Patino Law Firm.

76. Distraction Subtraction

My resolution is to eliminate a distraction that I control. So, on January 2, Petey, the dog, stays home. I got in the habit of bringing him to shared workspaces which lessened my guilt about leaving him home alone. In the beginning, this worked out fine. Petey weighs 9 pounds and can hang out in his bed that resembles a pita pocket. But, I realized that my work output suffered because of the attention I had to give him and also by the amount of attention he attracted. So, hello doggie day care!
Thanks to: Nicholas Christensen of Lottery Critic.

77. Simplify the Experience

A Simplified Experience

ATEN’s main business-related New Year’s Resolution is to simplify the (internal and external) experience, allowing the company to be easier to do business with, respond more quickly to customer needs, and to ultimately drive a customer experience where we are amazing and delighting our customers at every turn.
Thanks to: Holly Garcia of ATEN Technology, Inc.

78. Customer Happiness Quotient

If there’s one business resolution that I really want to make into reality this year, it is to get in place a Customer Happiness Quotient. I wish to have some sort of index to measure how happy and satisfied the customers that we have acquired this year are with our products and services, with which I aim to improve our feedback, put them to work in product implementations, and consequently, give a massive boost to our customer experience metrics.
Thanks to: Ketan Kapoor of Mettl.

79. Going Full Velcro!

My new year's business resolution is to ditch shoelaces. I’m going full velcro for 2019. Drawing my inspiration from Steve Jobs, I refuse to waste fifteen seconds of my work day deciding if I want a bunny knot or a double loop. By my calculations, over the course of my lifetime, I will have saved three years in shoelace time, enough to run a side venture. Looking forward to feeling over optimized!
Thanks to: Joe Podesta of Zety.

80. Bridging the Gaps

This year, my resolution is to bridge the gap between strategy and execution for my own business and for clients. As a strategy consultant, I see businesses invest significant time and money in developing a business strategy, just to find months later that progress is limited or isn’t meeting the intended outcomes. This year, it's about understanding the organizational, structural and procedural capabilities to effectively build that roadmap that is seen through to completion.
Thanks to: Connie Steele of Flywheel Associates.

81. Attract More Corporate Clients

Over the last several years, our bar has become a staple in Austin's nightlife scene, which we are so appreciative of, but we'd also like to expand into more corporate events. In the last couple of years, we've been fortunate enough to host some great events during SXSW and with some big name brands. We had a blast and our guests did, too! While I never want to lose sight of the community that made us who we are, when we have the availability to do so, I'd like more events.
Thanks to: Matt McDonald of San Jac Saloon.

82. No More Take-Out

2019 will be the year that I quit ordering take-out. It may sound silly, but I am well aware that I spend way too much on "luxury" food and beverage items like Starbucks coffee, nights out on the town, food delivery, and takeout. All of this money I needlessly spend could be used to invest in my business. 2019 will be the year that I hit the grocery store, cook at home, and have a lot more cash to power my business to the next level.
Thanks to: Jonathan de Araujo of MagicGuides.

83. Network & Expand Aggressively

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have a supportive spouse who encouraged me to leave my lucrative healthcare management career in lieu of following my passion, which is creating art. My first year or so of running my own gallery were full of trials and tribulations, but I truly believe that 2019 will see the gallery expand in new directions I didn't anticipate would happen so quickly. So, my resolution is to network aggressively, continue creating, and solidify our place in the art world.
Thanks to: Aram Amini of Aram Gallery.

84. Delegate More

My main New Year's Resolution for my business in 2019 is to delegate more small tasks. Because my business has expanded so rapidly, I need to get better at delegating out those small, time-consuming tasks that aren't directly revenue-generating.
Thanks to: Mike Walsh of Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons.

85. Ringing in the New Year

A vital New Year’s resolution is to spend more time and effort with the newest employees. It is important to have a strong understanding that employees are some of the company's biggest assets. This call to spend more time with employees is an opportunity to retrace my steps to ensure my business model is understood from the ground up.
Thanks to: Jacob Dayan of Community Tax.

86. Engaging Through Social Media

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to put a renewed focus into engaging with customers through our social media platforms. Social media marketing is great, but using it to speak directly and authentically with your loyal customers is taking it to another level.
Thanks to: Ryne Higgins of Peacock Alley.

87. Giving Something Back

In 2019, I will focus on giving back to my community. They are the reason for my business's success, and I would like to find new opportunities to return some of the value they have given me. Whether it is 'time, talent, or treasures', we will find a way!
Thanks to: Mike Liera of The Arena Gym.

88. Give Small Savings Back

Throughout the year, companies make small savings here and there. This includes small wins like getting a discount on a hotel during a business trip. A great business resolution is to give these small savings back to the community or your employees. Giving away these small savings will not break the bank and will go a long way to show that you are committed to both your company and your community.
Thanks to: Christian Schauf of Uncharted Supply Co.

89. Finding New Angles

I would like to focus on implementing omnichannel marketing in 2019. Omnichannel is such a cool strategy that can yield amazing results, and hopping on the bandwagon now is better than missing it completely.
Thanks to: Tracy Julien of GuidedChoice.

90. Review and Revise

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to begin more thoroughly testing our site and our content. We have learned that even if you have a stellar website and engaging content, it is always beneficial to take a look at how the landscape is changing and update your materials accordingly.
Thanks to: Stuart Ridge of VitaMedica.

91. Be More Personal

This New Year, I plan to work on becoming more personal with my staff. Gestures such as recognizing birthdays with small tokens of appreciation or simply taking a moment to sit down and speak about something other than work seems like it would be a beneficial way to show my staff that I value them as not just employees, but as individuals.
Thanks to: Jeff Arnett of Arnett Security Credentials.

92. The Year of Financial Literacy

In 2019, I want to focus on increasing my financial literacy and managing debt. I have found Turbo and their blog to be helpful in giving me insights and advice into my finances. 2019 will be the year of financial literacy!
Thanks to: Judith Becerra of Intuit Turbo.

93. Spend More On Employees

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, spending more money on your employees can often lead to savings at the end of each year. Things like small bonuses, happy hours, and random gifts help boost productivity and reduce turnover. Employee turnover is extremely expensive and time-consuming and while it is difficult to calculate exact ROI from the money spent on employees, it will prove to be a smart business tactic in 2019.
Thanks to: Jimmy Page of RapidRex.

94. Take Advantage of Technology

From Google Chrome Extensions to Customer Relationship Management systems such as Salesforce, with so many great technological advances in the business world, not taking full advantage of what the online world offers can equate to your company not performing optimally. For 2019, I plan to research online tools that will help me automate different aspects of my business in order to save time and money.
Thanks to: Sacha Ferrandi of Source Capital Funding.

95. Take More Naps

Although this resolution may seem counter-intuitive, napping can have substantial benefits in regards to productivity. Naps can help increase alertness, keep you refreshed, improve your mood and optimize your performance. Napping will help me cut back on drinking coffee and will give my body the rest it deserves. Napping is going to be my method for rewarding my hard work in the New Year.
Thanks to: Matt Edstrom of GoodLife Home Loans.

96. Working Less But Earning More

My business goal for 2019 is to work less and make more. I want to work with my business, not for my business. My goal is to work no more than 30 hours per week while achieving at least 150% of my 2018 revenue.
Thanks to: Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES of CaffeinatedKyle.com.

97. Making Giving Back a Priority

It has been such a privilege getting to know the people we serve in our community, that after one year of opening our doors, we feel it’s time to give back. Our 2019 New Year’s resolution is to unfold an ongoing campaign beginning with providing a select underprivileged family with free dental work. As we grow, so too will our community involvement by dedicating one day a week to providing children with free dental work and establishing a scholarship for Hispanic college-bound students.
Thanks to: Dr. Mileidis Pena Marro of TrueDent Family Dentistry.

98. Best Selfie Ever!

Our 2019 New Year’s resolution is to improve the quality of our dental photographs to better understand what it is patients want to cosmetically achieve. The ability for patients to point to an enlarged hi-definition photograph on an overhead monitor and explain what they want in a smile will be incredibly valuable in helping us meet and exceed their expectations. We find dentistry is much more rewarding when our treatments focus on what patients want, rather than what we tell them they need.
Thanks to: Dr. Michael Wierenga of 44 West Dental Professionals.

99. I'll Reach Remote People

There are plenty of geographically remote places which are deprived of proper road-ways and internet connection. Hence, the people of those parts are not privileged with online shopping 'til today. But, some of these remote places are being connected every year. I want to provide my online discount coupons to those people in 2019 who are newly connected to the outer world. My online coupons will help them to shop international brands online and save their money at the same time.
Thanks to: Andrei Vasilescu of DontPayFull.

100. Focus - Benefit to the Client

For years, we've tried to create the perfect products and relay that to potential customers.

In 2019, we will convey a new Value Proposition that will be directed at helping the customer achieve their goals - NOT OURS.
Thanks to: Bob Shirilla of Keepsakes Etc.

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