My first client meeting of 2019 got scheduled for January 1. Yep, New Year’s Day – after a glittering tango holiday party, with me feeling a little fuzzy from bubbly and nursing sore feet.

This story is too funny not to share with you because you probably think that you’re the only one who has boundary issues that can get you spiraling into crazy town.

Let me assure you that you’re not alone.

I decided to use this wild story as an opportunity to try Facebook Live. I realize that I am late to this party, but it really was super easy to do and I recommend trying it. (Note: if you mess up, like I did when my phone went off during my first try, you can delete the video before it gets saved, although someone might have been watching live.)

It wasn’t perfect, but I felt very proud of myself for doing something I had been avoiding on the first day of 2019.

Last year I did a Morgan Moment video on the story you’re making up, and how you need to watch for what you tell yourself, and how you interpret situations when you don’t have any facts.

We all do this. Our brains are wired to create a story about why things happened. We can easily think a client isn’t respecting us, isn’t interested in buying from us, doesn’t see the value of what we’re providing, is wasting our time, etc.

If you’re like most people, you can go to the worst possible interpretation in seconds.

I have learned to pull myself up and ask what I actually know as fact. Often, I know nothing as fact and I am just spinning a story.

You’ll definitely have a few laughs as you watch this video.

I am pleased to share that my meeting with this client (once we finally connected) was great and we’re doing some powerful work together.

I hope your year got off to a less stressful start.