It’s finally 2021! And, after the year that we’ve all had dealing with COVID-19 personally, as well as the impact that it has had on our businesses, so many of us are ready for a fresh start! For that reason, we are extra excited to bring you our annual list of business-related New Year’s resolutions from the amazing contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs. We hope that their resolutions provide you with some great ideas that you can adopt for your own business to help shape a prosperous 2021. Their resolutions are presented below, in no particular order.

You may notice some similar resolutions listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. More Podcast Interviews

In 2021, I resolve to put my fears of public speaking behind me and participate in more podcast interviews and live social media interviews. I think the majority of you can probably relate to my stage fright or fear of public speaking, but as a CEO, I recognize I’m the face of my company. No one believes in my company and our mission as deeply as I do. Because of this, I realize it does have to be me to represent that passion to the world, so in 2021, I’m resolving to do just that.
Thanks to: Nerissa Zhang of The Bright App.

2. Impact > Dollars

You can have whatever you want by helping other people get what they want. My biggest business resolution is to figure out how many business owners I need to help to become a 7-figure company. There's no better feeling than helping clients get results!
Thanks to: Kronda Adair of Karvel Digital.

3. Improving My Customer Service

Customers are the most important aspect of the business, so leveling up my customer experience is the business resolution for the year 2021. Assuring the best customer service is crucial for succeeding in the business world. Great customer service is not only helpful for bringing new clients, but it’s also necessary for retaining your existing clients. In fact, keeping your current customers pleased can be significantly less expensive than spending money on new ones.
Thanks to: Scott Ferguson, Chief Editor of iOverGolf.

4. Learn More

My new year's resolution is to pick up more financial and business knowledge, so that I can take everything that I have learned and help my company succeed when problems come our way.
Thanks to: Derin Oyekan of Reel Paper.

5. Use Automated Video Chatbots!

This new year, our business resolution is to start focusing more on video automation. Recently, I used a video chatbot on my homepage and it's been giving me a lot of conversions. The chatbot asks simple questions and replies with pre-recorded videos of mine. It's like getting into a video call with me!

After this success, I am planning to implement this in different parts of the funnel. The advantage of automation is that it works day and night. The scale is just crazy!
Thanks to: Stanley Tate of Tate Law.

6. Review My Business Plan!

I will make it a priority to review, evaluate and update my business plan to ensure it remains consistent with my goals for 2021 and beyond.
Thanks to: Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care, LLC.

7. Celebrate It ALL!

My resolution for 2021 is to make sure I celebrate it all.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

All have things that they can teach us, and all can make us better people and better at what we do.

I will see what went right, see what went wrong, evaluate both, learn from both and become better because of both.

Success comes when challenges are acknowledged, learned from and incorporated into new ways of acting and thinking.
Thanks to: Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing.

8. Focus on Fun

My husband and I have always run a photography business as a side hustle to our full-time jobs. We decided to decrease the amount of total work we do this year to focus on spending time doing the things that bring us the most joy. So, since we just moved to a new area, our resolution is to be more choosy in the gigs we take to have more fun with our photography. Here's to a more creative 2021!
Thanks to: Lauren Keys of Trip Of A Lifestyle.

9. A CMO on New Years Resolutions

Our company has evolved through this pandemic. We've discovered a new niche for our speech recognition API, specifically using our product for touch-free environments. Our resolution this new year is to provide one of the best resources for companies worldwide that are concerned with keeping spaces virus free by replacing touch-dominant kiosks with voice interactive ones.
Thanks to: Ottomatias Peura of Speechly.

10. 5k People Manipulating Light

Our resolution is to help our clients generate 5000 window treatment & awning leads for their customers across the US. The more sunlight we can divert, block, and filter, the better! Everyone enjoys a beautiful home or even a commercial space that just feels right - our clients make it happen! Whether that's a new set of drapes or maybe a canopy to keep out the rain, we're going to get our clients those jobs in 2021!
Thanks to: Will Hanke of Window Treatment Marketing Pros.

11. Create Content Consistently

I'm calling this the 3C's. When I create and post content (blog posts/articles in my case), I see good results. My goal for 2021 is to make this more consistent in order to increase my volume for the year. Looking back at 2020, I noticed an almost three month gap of not having posted anything! My solution for being more consistent is to schedule time on my calendar for this specific task; that way, I know it won't get pushed off for the day, week, or month.
Thanks to: Michael Cohen of Bering Insurance Partners.

12. New Year’s Resolution for 2021

I believe one of the most powerful New Years' resolutions any entrepreneur can make is to focus only on the most impactful, high-level tasks in their business, and delegate everything else. The unfortunate reality is that most of us are wasting a lot of time and losing a lot of money by performing tasks that should be handled by a lower level team member. Delegating, either internally or to an outside contractor, will allow me to maximize my results instead of just staying busy.
Thanks to: Robert Nickell of Rocket Station.

13. Make A Time Table!

I work from home, but at the moment I work when I feel like it. My New Year's Resolution is to make a time table for when I work.

That way, I can better divide my work and personal life. Once I'm "off the clock", I can hopefully forget about work, and get on with life.

Also, it will hopefully get me working more hours in a week. I currently work around my private life. But if I time table my hours, then I have to fit things around work. So, I should let fewer things interrupt my business.
Thanks to: Jon Rhodes of Narcissisms.

14. Pigeon Coop Selling

For years, I have been involved in rearing and selling racing pigeons; this year, I finally took the step of starting to blog about them.

Doing this opened my eyes to a world of opportunities, so I have decided to start importing pigeon coops and selling them online, as well as at shows (if they happen next year).

I hope, by the end of 2021, that this will be a significant addition to my business income.
Thanks to: Dan Blessed of Pigeonpedia.

15. Pivot Big!

After the unsettled and uncertain 2020, we know that economic recovery in 2021 will take time, innovation, and patience. As I do my strategic planning for 2021, I'll be willing to revisit it at least quarterly and determine where I need to pivot. As new business models develop, trends change, and safety protocols are modified, you may find your business needs to adapt in order to stay relevant. Pivot big, pivot often, and pivot fast may seem a bit extreme, yet necessary.
Thanks to: Royce King of Your Startup Coach.

16. Getting Rid of the Office

We tested the semi-remote office model earlier this year, but have since transitioned to a fully remote company. Everyone is happy to be working from home and our employees are happier than ever now that they can have an improved work-life balance. As a business, we function better when employees are remote since we are able to expand our coverage over the weekend and overnight since our employees enjoy working when they are the most productive. We hope to get rid of the office entirely in 2021.
Thanks to: Stefan Smulders of Expandi.

17. Write 'Til I Drop

My New Year's resolution is to write 12 marketing related articles for our own purposes. This is in addition to any writing for clients, which can get overwhelming at times. Each year, our writing road is paved with good intentions but usually gets bogged down around April or May. Sometimes, we end up pounding out four or five pieces and then attention gets turned elsewhere. Hopefully 2021 is the year it all changes and we can pop the cork with a big writing smile when 2022 comes around.
Thanks to: Steve Turner of Solomon Turner PR.

18. Taking My Own Advice in 2021

I always advise clients to really focus and do fewer things well rather than trying to tackle multiple goals and not meeting any of them. In 2021, that is what I plan to do: create three key goals for my business, create an action plan for achieving them and then work every day toward making it happen. This coming year, I plan to do less, but have more impact.
Thanks to: Gaynor Meilke of Charisma Ink.

19. A Simple New Year's Resolution

Make my bed - why should I make my bed every day?

What are the benefits of making your bed?

It is an easy task to do and it gives you a sense of accomplishment as your very first task of the day - do not underestimate this - it just starts your day off right. You feel better immediately - it really encourages you to keep the rest of your room tidy and if your desk is in your bedroom, then it really is necessary especially if you are working from home.
Thanks to: Jim Ken of Daily Detox Hacks.

20. Resolution Activated

My plan for the next year is to evaluate and analyze our existing relationships with all vendors, systems, agreements, and current methods used internally to see where we can save or reallocate funds to make more sense as we head into a very different 2021. I want to continue adjusting to new ways of doing business during this pandemic.
Thanks to: Theresa Santoro of Actualize Consulting.

21. Have a NOT Doing List, Too

For 2021, I'll make sure I add something to my NOT doing list whenever I add to my long-term project to-do list, as well. That way, I'll be able to reconcile the ideas I can't get to right now and feel okay about not doing them.
Thanks to: Spencer Smith of The LDN Center.

22. Should Old Acquaintance...

My New Year's Resolution is to boost my Domain Authority Ranking. The DA is considered the industry benchmark for a quality website, so increasing my DA could be profitable for my business. I recently discovered ways to extend my brand and use new off-site strategies. I am excited about trying them in 2021. For the sake of my team as well as myself, I am optimistic my branding and off-site SEO strategies will result in a boost in my Domain Authority in the new year.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging.

23. Never Forget

2020, not a year we will forget!

There are many lessons we learn in life, sometimes through achievements and often through the pain, and 2020 delivered in that regard.

I've never been more certain, more focused, more determined to make my business succeed.

My new year's resolution is to remember 2020. Remember that feeling of not being able to leave the house, never mind country. To have my family so close the entire zoom meeting heard their laughter. To double my efforts and achieve my goals.
Thanks to: Jon Davis of Jon100.

24. Business Resolution for 2021

My 2021 business-related resolution will be to focus on my business in leveraging more partnerships and sponsorships along with collaborations and contributing less time on community service opportunities that do not align with my brand.
Thanks to: Shneidine Chery of Millennial Money Magnet, LLC.

25. 2021 Rebrand

A resolution we have as a company that will affect our marketing, messaging, and most of our processes is our upcoming rebrand. As the world continues to rapidly change, our goal is to change with it. We want to further align our mission and vision with “the face” we put forward to clients and prospects each and every day. We can’t wait to show the world the next generation of National Positions.
Thanks to: Matt Erickson of National Positions.

26. Rein In That Ad Spend

My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is to rein in our company's ad spend. When COVID hit, we doubled down on our advertising campaigns, thinking we'd need the extra juice from ads to keep our revenue stable amidst the pandemic. However, after reviewing the granular data from the past 6 months, we can see that our ad spend has actually had very limited impact on revenue. To help save some costs in 2021, we plan to rein in our ad spend to the bare minimum.
Thanks to: John Ross of Test Prep Insight Reviews.

27. Adapt to Thrive

My business resolution for 2021 is one word: Adapt. The world of marketing and PR already was changing before COVID, and the pandemic has caused it to evolve even more quickly. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today, and it certainly won’t work tomorrow. Helping clients effectively navigate these continually shifting waters without sinking scarce resources into marketing methods that no longer serve their needs is my top priority. Guiding them through these changes will be the challenge.
Thanks to: Trish Stukbauer of ie marketing.

28. Youtube Publishing

Our primary focus over the last year has been on consistently publishing blog content. In 2021, we plan to push outside of our comfort zone and publish more video. It will be an opportunity to repurpose some of the content we've already produced. Youtube is an excellent platform for organic search traffic that we've been under-utilizing. This will change in 2021.
Thanks to: Ilir Salihi of Gold IRA Secrets.

29. Helping Brands Expand

The pandemic has shown the importance of adaptability and learning how to handle things yourself in a pinch. That’s why BrandCrowd aims to reach more people by expanding services. To achieve this, we are putting more focus on developing and improving features to help users have an easier time with DIY design. We plan to give businesses full control over their identity through comprehensive makers and customizable designs. The company will work towards helping brands in their time of recovery.
Thanks to: Clancy Clarke of BrandCrowd.

30. Learning New Languages

No one can underestimate the power of effective communication, particularly as a great business owner. I have interpreted that to deal with a diverse culture client base and for customer personalization, it is essential to learn additional languages. It will inspire my customers and make them more engaging to our brand. They will recognize and acknowledge me and my team's struggles; how we dedicatedly operate to present ourselves more customer-oriented.
Thanks to: Werner Jorgensen of Tooleto.

31. Conduct More Screenings

To evaluate the workout performance of gym members, I will conduct screening and fitness assessment tests. Due to this new year resolution, I will narrow down whether any member is injuring himself by doing an improper workout or taking an inadequate diet. This will enhance the productivity results of my gym and will bring satisfaction to my fitness trainees.
Thanks to: Daniel Demoss of Dumbbells Review.

32. Acquire Social Responsibility

In the global community, every business aims to serve the world, either with their products or services. In 2021, we want to make a difference in our community. Our new year resolution is to acquire and acknowledge our social responsibility. We will strive for and work from the first day of next year to follow the ethical framework of a business that will benefit society at large. We will create a list that may include plantation drive, anti-smoke air or against labor exploitation.
Thanks to: Damon Routzhan of Concrete Candles.

33. Enjoy Your Work; Stay Healthy

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is simple. Work hard; enjoy life; and guard thy health.

This year has showed me that life is too unpredictable and that long term planning is an illusion and often a detriment to the quality of life today.
So, go and chase your dreams, but also live in the present. Live in the moment and find a way to experience joy now. Coincidentally, being joyful is a major productivity booster.
Thanks to: Nikola Roza of SEO for the Poor and Determined.

34. Disabling the Electronic Leash

My one main New Year's Resolution would be to significantly reduce the use of my iPhone. I've been using my phone too much lately, and I could be making much better use of that time.

This means that I won't be using it when I'm getting work done, and I won't even have it in my room when I go to sleep. All in all, this will help me focus even more on business by removing one of my biggest distractions.
Thanks to: James Canzanella of IM Nights.

35. Adapting to Digitization

Looking Forward to Digitization

While everyone is dealing with the Covid crisis, it is time to digitize the system. We are looking forward to digitizing everything, from booking an appointment to making a payment for the treatment/surgery. It will help clients in a lot of ways. And it will also help reduce the paperwork.
Thanks to: Dr. Robert Goldman of Dr Robert Goldman.

36. Work Harder at Delegating

This year, the pandemic pushed me to hire people to help me run my business and, in doing so, freed me up to help with the kids and managing the household. Next year, as we hopefully exit the pandemic, I'm going to work harder at delegating more of my responsibility so I can focus on broader strategic goals, rather than operating the day to day. The pandemic was the nudge, my 2021 resolution is to go all-in on it.
Thanks to: Jim Wang of

37. Capitalize on Email Marketing

After recently reading that for every $1 spent on email marketing, it generates $43 in revenue, we invested more time and money into our email marketing strategy.

We are starting to see similar returns on these investments. Our intent was to place a greater emphasis on the content and graphics to which our customers are raving about them. At minimum, email marketing is an inexpensive means to creating brand awareness.
Thanks to: Luke Hancock of Bin There Dump That.

38. I Will Learn How to Outsource

I spend 14 hours/day managing my two main small gigs and feel exhausted at the end of the day. Even though I got so many ideas in mind that could scale my blog, I’ve not been able to execute them due to tiredness and priorities.
My 2021’s New Year resolution for my blog biz is simple - I will start outsourcing my blogging tasks, especially, content creation. This way, I will have higher quality content consistently for my audience and can focus on my physical and mental health, as well.
Thanks to: Mudassir Ahmed of Blogging Explained.

39. Advertise With Integrity

In 2021, we resolve to advertise with integrity. In 2020, we justified aggressively advertising without much oversight due to the economic downturn and ensuing chaos, but in 2021, we can be far more rigorous in the selections we make in choosing where to advertise.

Companies are increasingly asked to take stances on social positions, and being deliberate and thoughtful about where and how your brand appears in online advertisements will be even more critical to success in 2021.
Thanks to: Mike Catania of Locaris.

40. From Active to Passive Income

In 2021, I’m going to focus on changing my income streams from active to passive. Being a freelance copywriter and digital marketer, if I don’t work, I don’t earn money. My core focus for the next year is to build up my passive revenue so it becomes at least 50% of my income. I plan on doing this by building a business that continues to operate no matter whether I’m working, asleep or on holiday!
Thanks to: Nelson Jordan of Nelson Jordan Marketing.

41. Grow My Client Base

Growing my client base is the new year resolution I have made for 2021. Having been able to deliver services to a few clients satisfactorily in 2020, I have plans to attract more clients who will need my service as a blogging and SEO consultant in 2021.
Thanks to: Chuks Chukwuemeka of Depreneurdigest.

42. New Year Goals

My new year's resolution for 2021 is to get all my ventures producing at max capacity at once. Lending, rentals, my personal trading, our option writing business, and our crude oil and nq day trading systems. We have been working on the backend of them for a few years and they are all primed to start chugging full steam ahead. It will be rewarding to see them all come to life at the same time, all things permitting.
Thanks to: Loren Howard of Real Estate Note Investing.

43. 2021 Resolution: Growth!

My resolution for 2021 is to continue growing as a business. We will be expanding out of our current state into something stronger and more resilient. Our team plans on reaching this resolution by working together to plan, strategize, and listen to our customers. Then, we will ensure our team is in alignment and prepared to move forward with refreshed resilience and plans to grow together.
Thanks to: Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.

44. Reaching Out and Connecting

My business-related New Year's Resolution for 2021 is to connect more with others who follow a similar path as me. As an online entrepreneur, my job is not only challenging, but also relatively solitary. Social interaction is limited and my friends have traditional 9-to-5 jobs. It can be difficult to communicate the struggles and challenges that come with this profession with people that are not familiar with it. Finding similar entrepreneurs to connect with will (hopefully) make that easier.
Thanks to: Tim Koster of CleverCreations.

45. Resolution: Mission Matters

As an entrepreneur and performance coach, my biggest business-related resolution for 2021 is the least business oriented. It isn't about revenue or marketing. The most important resolution is to keep our mission (to instill hope and enable success) at the heart of all we do. It shapes decisions, communication, and activity. Why? Because our mission guides who we are and how we serve despite uncertainty and change. After a year like 2020, our mission will make the difference in the year ahead.
Thanks to: Conni Medina of Clarity Consulting, Inc.

46. Finance and Fitness

The New Year’s resolution for my firm Summerhill Wealth Management in 2021 is training for an Ironman to raise $50k for the unique non-profit, Savvy Ladies.
Thanks to: Olivia Summerhill, CFP®, CDFA® of Summerhill Wealth Management.

47. Don't Just Make Do

My New Year's business resolution for 2021 is to stop making excuses about upgrading our technology. Our main server and other computer hardware are old and in need of an upgrade for some time. 2021 is the year of no more excuses to invest in our business. It is a good year to make life easier for our employees and also our customers by upgrading equipment. Faulty equipment and old web design need to be upgraded as a regular course of business and 2021 is the perfect year to finally do it.
Thanks to: David Reischer of Corp.

48. A Prosperous LinkedIn New Year

My new year's resolution will be to connect with at least 25 new individuals a day on LinkedIn. I believe that by doing this, I'll not only grow my network, but be able to showcase my business and get new digital marketing leads. Plus, I'll be able to connect other like-minded individuals to help further their own journey. Everyone can prosper in 2021!
Thanks to: RJ Huebert of HBT Digital Consulting.

49. Conquering Self Confidence

I believe that flow of self-confidence is more important than that of money. So, my 2021 goal is to launch an instant digital journal for women struggling with limiting beliefs. It will be aimed to make women go from "I am not good enough to I am better than best" & that too without the need of seeking external help. NLP techniques, affirmations, LOA principles & self-discovery prompts when strategically incorporated as a templated journal, become an effective solution for low self-confidence.
Thanks to: Eisha Ahmed of You Decode.

50. Invest in Cryptocurrency

If there was a year that proved the resilience of Bitcoin and established it as a legitimate global currency, it was 2020. As a business, it might have seemed risky to invest in Bitcoin in the past, but going into 2021, it's an absolute must to include crypto in any investment portfolio. As Bitcoin has tripled in value since the pandemic started and the US dollar keeps falling, my NYE resolution for 2021 is to become a "crypto-friendly" business.
Thanks to: Tom Winter of DevSkiller.

51. Digital Transformation

With 2021 around the corner, the need for digital transformation is being heard from every nook and corner. The next year presents us with an opportunity for digital transformation, introducing technologies to remain competitive. My focus would be to build a digital business strategy, decisions about marketing, and streamline processes to build a better relationship with customers. Failing to build a workable plan would cost more and if succeeded, it will bear the fruits for the years to come.
Thanks to: Jonathan Prichard of Mattress Insider.

52. Help the Underserved

As a premier test prep and private tutoring company, we have served the Los Angeles areas for the past 11 years and partnered up with many educational institutions such as public and private schools offering financial aid programs to select families who could not afford our services. We've recently opened two new locations in San Francisco and New York, so our #1 goal in 2021 is to make similar partnerships in new service areas and assist the underserved families in these two new cities.
Thanks to: Arash Fayz of LA Tutors 123.

53. Strengthening Management

The start of a new year is a perfect time to review our overall management and ensure that we have a systematic plan in place. Although it can be daunting to look into the next 12 months, in a broader and longer-term, one of the management resolutions should be to think objectively about current and emerging problems. The most successful and truthful participation is to tackle problems that fall within the domain of your business and this will be more aligned and focused in the coming year.
Thanks to: Amelia Miller of Essay River.

54. Better Mind, Better Community

Part of the trucking lifestyle is being alone on the open road. 2021 should be the year that truckers build community with one another and foster growth in themselves. TDI’s New Year’s Resolution is that we instill healthy mental practices in our students, so that when they hit the road in their careers, they have the ability to excel despite the loneliness that comes with truck driving.
Thanks to: Keyoka Kinzy of Truck Driver Institute.

55. Improve Our Communication

As a business owner, my New Year's resolution for 2021 is to improve communication throughout the entire organization while shifting to working from home full-time. We are currently using tools like Slack and Basecamp to communicate effectively, and we will be trying out some additional tools to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.
Thanks to: Brian Lim of INTO THE AM.

56. Home Design Guides

My New Year's resolution is to focus more on creating valuable content and guides around everything achieved and learned to that point and then share these studies among others looking to learn tips for their home design projects. I noticed this helps largely in creating more business partnerships and I'm excited about what the future holds.
Thanks to: Aiko Houghton of Loftera.

57. A New Year for New Automations

The legal industry is lagging behind with technology, so we found a better approach. Automation is crucial as we start 2021.
Miller IP Law’s goal is to continue improving our service through automation. Since hiring on a marketing & automation team, we're using automation tools to save our clients $8,100 per patent (compared to the industry average).
It’s easier to focus on short-term wins, but it’s important to ask yourself: “What’s going to matter year over year…”
Thanks to: Devin Miller of Miller IP Law.

58. Business New Year’s Resolution

We want 2021 to be the year of social media growth. People are now more likely than ever to rely on person-to-person recommendation for services. As everyone has been pushed online, we want our service to grow its reputation on our social platforms, as well as implementing an influencer program that will assist in distinguishing our brand as noteworthy and reputable.
Thanks to: Roy Ferman of Seek Capital.

59. Going Paperless

As a big fan of the paperless office, I think we've been about 80% paper-free since 2018 here at DO OK. We do all our accounting online, including wages and taxes digitally due to the nature of our business. Since routine business functions can be done completely online, it's time to go paperless in 2021. However, I plan to take it further and eliminate disposable coffee cups as well, by gifting each employee a personalized mug symbolizing our commitment to being a more eco-friendly company.
Thanks to: Dmitrij Żatuchin of DO OK.

60. Get Movin' in the New Year!

Everyone in my company is getting an Apple watch or a Fitbit for Christmas, and our company New Year's resolution is to increase our weekly move minutes by 10% month-over-month during Q1. New Year’s resolutions about fitness are common, and it’s easier to hit goals with a team. Though this is completely voluntary, my hope is to encourage good habits for a lifetime. We will celebrate and track the progress weekly and we have a luncheon scheduled in April to mark our progress. I’m excited!
Thanks to: Jimmy McMillan of Heart Life Insurance.

61. Expand Our Client Base

I'd like to see us expand our target audience in 2021! We have a preponderance of female patients. But guess what? Depression? Men get it too! Anxiety? Men get it too! Feelings? Yes, men have them too! We are hoping to attract a more diverse clientele as we often see men and individuals of various backgrounds feeling taboo to talk about their feelings and seek care for their psychological wellbeing. Mental illness does not discriminate and we all need more attention these days than years prior.
Thanks to: Hong Yin, MD of New Frontiers Psychiatry & TMS.

62. Tailor Our Marketing Strategy

My business resolution for the year 2021 would be to keep with the market trends and tailor our marketing strategy. Having an eye on the latest trends in the marketing world is crucial for staying afloat and succeeding as a business, and since each new year produces new marketing trends, you want to make sure that your marketing tactics are up to date.
Thanks to: Jonathan S of Kids Car Canada.

63. New Marketing Tactics

I will focus on tailoring my marketing tactics to fit current trends. This will help in approaching new audiences and capture their attention, possibly turning them into my customers. Make promotion a preference, but also make sure to analyze your marketing strategy from the previous year. I would work on analyzing which things can be improved and employ new marketing tactics, while retaining tactics that helped you well in 2020.
Thanks to: Stewart Dunlop of PPC Genius.

64. Review My Business Plans

The start of the new year is the ideal time to review your business goals and plans. I will write all of my business plans from last year and also my new business goals, so I know what I am working toward in the new year. I believe that having an established plan and goals helps to keep you on track throughout the year and helps you examine whether you have been successful this year or not!
Thanks to: Sam Browne of Find a DJ.

65. Do More By Delegating

Running a small business means you have so many different jobs. Plus, it's easy to kid ourselves that we need to do everything. Then wonder why we're exhausted at the end of the day, with no time to do all we wanted.

Delegation is the key to success and a healthy work-life balance.

Set measurable tasks in any delegation - but my top goal for 2021 is to BE MORE PRODUCTIVE BY DELEGATION.
Thanks to: Rosie Kennard of One Pot Dish Recipe.

66. Create Informative Blog Posts

Moving into 2021, my goal is to strengthen my blog on my business website. I want to include more diverse content so readers really understand the intricate system in the sports betting niche. Beginners to the industry have a lot to learn. For example, they may be unfamiliar with prominent terms like a trifecta bet or show betting. I want my followers to really learn the ins and outs as they dive into the horse handicapping industry.
Thanks to: Michael Kipness of Wizard Race and Sports.

67. $1.5 Million Or Bust

My New Year's Resolution for my company is to purchase $1.5 million in real estate in 2021. To reach that goal, I am focusing on our SEO efforts. We want to rank #1 on Google for every major keyword in our area.
Thanks to: Erik Wright of New Horizon Home Buyers.

68. Utilizing Social Media More

Social media is valuable to a business especially during these difficult times where you can easily lose a customer. In 2021, I will make a resolution to use social media regularly: communicate with my clients and other users, answer queries, and post engaging content. There are various free social media scheduling tools that I will use to schedule a week’s worth of posts at once, making social media a breeze.
Thanks to: Maria Godwin of Best Reviews.

69. Identify My Profitable Area

As a CEO and a business owner, I think one must be capable to identify areas where they are most profitable. It is very essential to realize that it is much more profitable to discover a specific type of niche area and client and serve them. This approach cuts down on my competition and also brings in more money for me.

You must be able to identify and put your focus on those areas that are more reliable in bringing in the cash for your business, especially after difficult times like 2020.
Thanks to: Sylvia Kang of MiraCare.

70. Business Weight-Loss Diet

My resolution is to lose business debt weight! Put the company on a spending diet and exercise good judgement when it comes to expansion and other expenditures. Implement by working more closely with department leaders to determine where best to spend resources. And talk to all employees about how to save money. Anyone can have a great idea to save money.
Thanks to: Ty Crandall of Credit Suite.

71. Making 2021 a Golden Year

One business New Year's resolution for 2021 is to do weekly Instagram live sessions with black gay influencers. By doing these live sessions, I can show the world how creative, imaginative, and fabulous the black gay community is. I would like to work with black gay men in all types of industries including fashion, sports, and politics. I first plan to work with local celebrities and eventually work with A-list celebrities.
Thanks to: Marcos Martinez of Men Who Brunch.

72. Building Great Teams in 2021

I will give 50 presentations on teamwork and share the secrets to building great teams with businesses, nonprofits and associations, to make every individual better and create highly effective and productive organizations.
Thanks to: Barry Moline of Leadership and Teamwork.

73. Make Time for Mental Health

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's the importance of guarding the mental health of your workforce. Yes, you can aim to meet all of your goals, and experience growth like never before. But if attaining these goals comes at the expense of a workforce that is overworked, stretched thin, or neglecting time with their loved ones -- it's not worth it. I'll make it a point to ensure my staff is not only taking mental health days, but that they also have a space to express themselves in times of stress.
Thanks to: Vickie Pierre of

74. Putting Empathy First

My 2021 New Year's resolution is to continue to put empathy at the center of all of our client work. This year has been really difficult for everyone and while we have always focused on providing the best service possible for our clients, this year has shown that connecting person to person and truly hearing where our clients are coming from and meeting them there as much as we can is a principle we want to have at the core of our business going forward.
Thanks to: Ricardo Mello of Fisher Island Real Estate Agency.

75. Farmers Market in a Box

Our resolution for 2021 is to be able to grow our visibility and subscriber count because we know that is the only way we can promote small businesses one box at a time. We have a subscription-based model startup that mimics farmers markets but all in a subscription box. We never directly resell our partners' products; instead, we include them in a curated box along with other products for our subscribers to try and then reorder directly from the businesses that made them.
Thanks to: Firmino Mariano of Natural Selection.

76. Becoming My Own Cheerleader

As a small business, it can be common to get a lot of work through referrals and word of mouth, and the idea of 'self-promotion' can be a bit awkward or you don't really know where to start. But in 2021, my New Year's resolution is to learn how to be my own cheerleader! The goal is to capture more leads by being more active in promotion and enlisting the help of digital professionals to help me put my best foot forward online.
Thanks to: Gavin Kane of Hunter Coast Painting.

77. Educate Yourself & Grow

My 2021 New Year's resolution is one that I think should be on everyone's list - learn and grow. Ever since I decided to enter my industry, I've focused on education and qualifications, as this allows me to diversify my income by expanding my services, but it also improves my overall knowledge of my industry as a whole. It makes me a better service provider and expands my thinking around my business.
Thanks to: Christopher Manariti of Manariti Plumbing.

78. Pause & Enjoy What You Create

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is to take the time to enjoy the creative aspects of the work I do. Helping someone complete their dream home is, in many ways, a logistical and analytical process, so it can be easy to get bogged down in the numbers and measurements. In those moments, my resolution is to come back to the creative vision that drives each project and keep my team - and myself - on track and inspired.
Thanks to: Jarrod Adnum of Hunter Bathroom Renovations.

79. More Budget for Content

Ours is a large company in a competitive industry. Taking advantage of new trends for generating content has worked well for us in 2020. I further plan to strengthen our online presence with a large amount of quality content and boost our SEO with authoritative links. I’m in the process of revising our content strategy before crunching numbers. We spent 25% of our total marketing budget on content, which I aim to increase to 30% tentatively.
Thanks to: Nathan Sebastian of GoodFirms.

80. My ONE New Year Resolution

My one business related New Year's resolution for 2021 is to work on more exciting, impactful professional projects that mean something to me, and that benefit a wider range of stakeholders. I am looking forward to dedicating more of my time next year to projects that move me, and that benefit the wider community.
Thanks to: Carol Tompkins of AccountsPortal.

81. Go Outside Three Times Per Day

Hustle and grind. That’s our culture. We work all the time, trying to make connections while consistently improving our product. Most days fly by without a thought of self-care.

However, especially while working at home alone, our businesses will suffer if we are not taking care of ourselves. That’s why I have made it a business goal to step outside at least 3 times in the middle of the workday. It will give me the Vitamin D I need and will force me to breathe, if only for two minutes.
Thanks to: Karen Gordon of Goodshuffle Pro.

82. Pour One Out for e-Commerce

With the rise of COIVD-19 and alcohol consumption, we were positioned to take advantage of the wine and spirits market. We want to be able to sell and ship our product through e-Commerce, but we face challenges surrounding the restrictions on shipping alcohol as a new business. Alcohol sale regulations vary from state to state, so securing legal approval and documentation is our next step!
Thanks to: Jessica & Philip Miller of Colony Cocktails.

83. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

As someone working with influencer marketing, a segment that saw considerable growth amidst the pandemic, I asked myself several times this year if I wanted to carry on doing things the same way – or slow down and choose wisely clients I want to work with. As a result of a continuous reflection mode, I set my main resolution for 2021 to focus less on client portfolio and more on quality. It's a business-related resolution that, moving forward, will also directly impact on my quality of life.
Thanks to: Marcio Delgado of Working With Influencers.

84. Teach Business to My Kids

I've learned that if you teach something that you are already good at, it enhances your knowledge even further. When you are explaining a concept, your brain is stimulated to elaborate on whatever you are teaching and a lot of my Eureka moments have originated this way. Now if your wife is bored of listening about your business, the next best alternative are your kids. They love to ask questions, which may give you ideas that you haven't thought of before and your kids end up learning something.
Thanks to: Khurram Suhrwardy of Caption Easy.

85. All in on Video Content

Consumer habits have changed in 2020, and digital habits learned during the pandemic will not be easy to let go of - phones and apps are engineered to be addictive! That is why my sole New Year's Resolution is going all-in on video content in 2021. I am making sure that I fully commit to this resolution by making investments now, starting with completely remodeling my five-year-old kitchen in Q1 in a way that best suits video production for cooking videos.
Thanks to: Jessica Randhawa of The Forked Spoon.

86. Mentor Other Entrepreneurs...

I wouldn't be where I am today without my mentors who are both successful entrepreneurs with completely different backgrounds. My biggest resolution for 2021 is to connect with newer entrepreneurs to help them succeed. One of my biggest challenges was finding someone to bounce ideas off that had experience running a business... Many people don't understand the challenges a lot of us face when we start a business. I want to be there for entrepreneurs who need someone to turn to.
Thanks to: Brady Kirkpatrick of Gun Made.

87. Earn More; Do Less

My resolution in business for 2021 is to actually work less.

I believe my biggest creative inspirations come during times of leisure, so yes, I’ll be scheduling more leisure in my weekly planner this upcoming year. Hello nature walks and documentary days!!
Thanks to: Haley Hoover of The Sparkling Hippie.

88. The Best KPI? Appreciation

I want to have three separate employees approach me and thank me for teaching them something. As a leader, I shouldn't do all the work myself, but should enable others to learn and work in a way that combines their unique talents with the style and values of our organization. Pushing knowledge on someone is one thing, but teaching and encouraging them in such a way that they feel the need to go out of their way to reach out to me? That means I am doing my job well.
Thanks to: Attison Barnes of Captain Experiences.

89. Expand to New Markets

My resolution for my company in 2021 is to open offices in at least two new cities. As a company that was only started a few years ago, we have focused our efforts so far on establishing ourselves in one city: Perth. It's a relatively small city in Australia. Our goal was to streamline as much of our operation as possible before expanding. I would like to replicate the success we've had so far in Perth in new parts of the country.
Thanks to: Gareth Mahon of The CareSide Home Care.

90. Living Today for Tomorrow

Our three-year revenue goal will be our 2021 mindset. With all we do and with every decision we make, we’ll ask ourselves one question: Is this what a $10 MILLION business would do? This will ensure we make the decisions today to achieve our future revenue goals, without distraction or uncertainty. It will include how we prioritize our work, a division of labor at home and work, a delegation of responsibilities, and an overall appreciation for the road we’re on toward our end game.
Thanks to: Jacqueline Snyder of The Product Boss.

91. Financially Empowering Women

My one business-related, 2021 resolution is to open a support agency that offers affordable, administrative services to female entrepreneurs in the United States using Mexico’s female workforce. As a digital nomad, I have lived in Playa del Carmen, Q.R., MX for almost two years. I have witnessed the scarcity of good-paying jobs for Mexican women. I am a true believer that when you help a woman to increase her earning potential, you help an entire family distance their proximity to struggle.
Thanks to: Sha' Cannon of Sha' Cannon Business Solutions.

92. Quarterly Webinar Training

My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to give free quarterly webinar training. My goal is to provide SEO, content marketing, and hack growth tools training for those who would like to hone their marketing skills.

I think back to when we were just building our business and I’d like to pay forward the support. I will also engage my team members on the webinar and acknowledge their expertise in each field, they will have their designated time-frame where they could share tips to our audience.
Thanks to: Valentina Lopez of Happiness Without.

93. Social Awareness

I want my business to be a safe social space for both our clients and our team. This year has taught us how significant social awareness is in the workplace, so my goal is to uphold a standard of genuine diversity and inclusion.
Thanks to: Kevin Miller of The Word Counter.

94. Value My Time and Expertise

I started my SEO focused business in May 2020 with very little experience running a business. Throughout this year, my low-price point made me hit a revenue ceiling with what I could accomplish from month to month.

My business-minded New Year's Resolution is to charge what my time and expertise are worth. Undervaluing myself led to burn out and being over-worked. In the last two months, I've realized my mistake and am working towards the income I believe I deserve.
Thanks to: Ben McLaughlan of Easy Mode Media.

95. To Expand In Traffic Sources!

We plan on starting youtube and google advertising! This is something we've been wanting to do for a long time and we are very excited to start!
Thanks to: Lucas Vit of Vein Experts.

96. I Will Toot My Own Horn More!

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is to take my own advice and start tooting my own horn on social media. As a publicist, I tell my clients daily to "post short videos talking about the great things in your life," to "take every opportunity for public speaking, such as virtual events," and to "share any praise you receive," but do I do those myself? In 2021, I will!
Thanks to: Nanda Dyssou of Coriolis Company.

97. Limiting Screen Time in 2021

In 2021, I’m resolving to limit my screen time by keeping my phone out of my bedroom. Next year, checking my email will not be the very first thing I do each morning. In 2020, I did very well about turning off work after my scheduled work day is done, but I am still spending far too much time staring at my phone. Keeping my phone out of my bedroom will help me start my morning off with a bit more mindfulness and I intend to fully enjoy my mornings in 2021, rather than dive into work first thing.
Thanks to: Tyler Read of PTPioneer.

98. The Resolute Resolution

My business-related resolution for 2021 is to stand firm in the decisions that I make for my business. For quite a while, I have been flustered and moving timidly in my business because I have not been operating as myself. I have been showing up as whom I think I am supposed to be instead of whom I am. There will be no more of that. Going forward, I am going to present my business as the quality-centered, professionally-wholesome business that I intended it to be.
Thanks to: Erma Williams of The Pomade Shop.

99. Record Podcasts

I always wanted to broaden the scope of my work and share some of my knowledge with a broader community. I have been working for many years and now it’s time to share a few tips and tricks I learned. My goal in 2021 is to buy basic audio recording equipment that will allow me to create quality podcasts and publish them on the blog afterwards. Also, I would like to have my podcast published by other relevant sites in my industry.
Thanks to: Mikkel Andreassen of Dixa.

100. Hiring Internationally

Since we will be working remotely for some time, I can now look beyond my city and try to hire experts from all around the world. I have been a part of several diverse teams and I know how strong they are because people bring different perspectives and experiences. I have always wanted to have people from different countries in my company, but this was impossible until we fully switched to remote work. I hope I will also be a part of the recruiting process and hopefully attract some good experts.
Thanks to: Malte Scholz of Airfocus.

101. Hire Business Coaches

I have had a chance to work with business coaches and I know how much our conversations helped me grow. This year has been particularly challenging for everybody and I know some people really struggled. Since it’s impossible for me to support people individually and give them enough time, I’m hoping to bring professionals into the company and have them talk to my employees on a regular basis. This way, each person will be able to address their concerns and make a coping strategy.
Thanks to: Stefan Chekanov of Brosix.

102. Going Virtual Permanently

My company's New Year's Resolution is to prepare us to fully function remotely on a permanent basis. With most of our resume sales coming from online customers even before the pandemic, we've decided it would make more business sense to go completely virtual. The pandemic was sort of a wake up call for how important it is to make this transition to ecommerce in order to tap into a huge market within the resume writing industry.
Thanks to: Jennifer Roquemore of Resume Writing Services.

103. Newsletter or Bust in 2021

My #1 New Year's business resolution for 2021 is to create my corporate newsletter. Every month, I'll send out a simple email to my customer and prospect base. It will include one piece on the company, two on industry content, and one customer spotlight (and not necessarily in that order). I've been talking about it for a year. Now it's time to do it!
Thanks to: Eric May of Guidepoint Consulting Services.

104. Preparing for Tax season

In order to rescue my firm from unexpected taxation and its relevant financial costs, I have taken a vow to prepare myself prior to tax season. As the tax season is quickly approaching, and last year I had undergone many rounds for having clean chit from the tax department. Now, for this year, I make this a new year resolution to prepare drafts and documents before the arrival of tax season.
Thanks to: Bradley Stevens of LLC Formations.

105. Automating Onboarding Process

We have a plan to increase our workforce by 20% and automate the onboarding process in 2021. Until now, Human Resource is managing hiring operations manually. It becomes extremely time-consuming and is not secure, as well. Instead of increasing HR representatives, we prefer buying onboarding software for a smooth transition for new hires, addressing their needs efficiently, and keeping sensitive data protected.
Thanks to: Jill Sandy of Constant delights.

106. Innovation in Business

I had worked so hard to take my business to the current level. But, I realized that I have laid a solid business foundation; it is time to scale it. For this purpose, I must be spending a lot of time in bringing innovation rather than handling all processes on my own. So, 2021 is the right time to bring automation to the sales funnel. It would help me to invest more time in designing strategies and implementing them, rather than investing a lot of time and energy in handling processes manually.
Thanks to: Andrew Priobrazhenskyi of Discount Reactor.

107. Make New Contacts

There's nothing like talking to new people and discussing ideas. In 2021, my resolution is to make new contacts and join organizations that are related to my business. This could be in person or over the internet; making the effort to be a part of a group will revitalize you, as well as your business.
Thanks to: Dan Hunter of Authority Tattoo.

108. A Business Resolution for 2021

With all the difficulties that we faced due to the pandemic, we all wanted 2020 to end. Along with that is our New Year’s resolution. I looked back at what my company has attained and has failed to fulfill. Although I am already giving the best customer service, I still need to exert more effort to provide customer satisfaction, especially since most people have struggled so much this year. A lot of them would be needing my service to let go of the negative experiences they have.
Thanks to: April Maccario of AskApril.

109. My New Year’s Resolution

2021 is just around the corner, and as an entrepreneur, my new year's resolution is to provide a higher quality of services to our customers. If your business managed to finish 2020, it is already an outstanding achievement. You should be thanking your customers for continuously supporting you by improving the quality of services you give them.
Thanks to: Scot Chrisman of

110. Two Is Better Than One

My one business-related New Year’s resolution is to maximize the help I get from my colleagues. With all the projects coming in, I tend to make it all on my own and not ask help from anyone believing that I can finish it all by myself. Doing this has brought so many negative effects not just with me, but for the whole group as well. So, I always have to keep in mind that teamwork will always be the answer to attain success.
Thanks to: Sarah Graham of quikcamo.

111. 2021 I Will Find My Discomfort

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is to push myself outside the safety of my comfortability. Covid-19 has rapidly reshaped the societal and business landscape. The pandemic has forced me to think quickly and push into new directions. I realize now that when I feel discomfort, I am more flexible and creative. That is why in 2021, I will seek to find discomfort and expand my abilities as a CEO and as a man.
Thanks to: Julian Goldie of Goldie SEO Agency.

112. Back To My Roots

My biggest new year's resolution for my business next year is to go back to my roots. I have been very grateful for the position I am in with my website, but I am thinking about opening up the website to have more personal tales of coffee around the world, and the experience every different coffee shop can bring. I want to be able to bring that lonely feeling to a page for others to read, so people can realize that sometimes, hometown coffee just cannot be replicated somewhere else.
Thanks to: Thomas Fultz of Coffeeble.

113. Information Assurance in 2021

At Entrust Solutions, we believe every business should prioritize information assurance in the new year. Information assurance is the protection of information and how it is processed, used, transferred, and stored, using principles of availability, integrity, confidentiality, authentication, and nonrepudiation. As companies continue to adapt to a remote landscape, our resolution is to help improve their information assurance while mitigating risk and maintaining compliance.
Thanks to: Darren Deslatte of Entrust Solutions.

114. Doing What I Do Best

I'm finally embracing the fact that I don't want to manage people and making a resolution to hire a business manager. I have a few part-time freelancers and a VA, but just don’t manage them as well as I should and opportunities get missed. I want to grow but also want to keep doing what I do best, connecting with customers. It's a hard truth for many entrepreneurs that growth is only possible in scaling your team, but if it's not something you're good at... you better find a good manager!
Thanks to: Joseph Hogue of My Stock Market Basics.

115. Improve Communication Skills

My resolution for the new year is to communicate with my staff more. I will work more on my communication skills and look for ways to improve two-way communication with all team members in the new year. Open and effective communication is the best way to motivate everyone to work towards a common goal. It’s best to find time to talk with staff on a daily basis and listen to their feedback get a better idea of to how you could make their job better.
Thanks to: Illia Termeno of Fractional CMO.

116. Nurture Existing Clients

My resolution for the new year is to nurture profitable clients. Businesses make a lot of effort to get more new clients, but it’s also important to spend time looking to increase profitability with the ones that we already have. We should keep in regular contact with them through phone calls and regular email campaigns and provide helpful content or resources for them. A good idea is get to know their business so well that we can become an indispensable business resource to them.
Thanks to: Muneer Mian of Beaufort Associates.

117. Networking for Growth

I am going to focus on networking. Academically, I understand the benefits but personally, I'd rather stay in my comfort zone and avoid interacting with people I don't know. This coming year, I will start by focusing on completing my LinkedIn profile and then I will spend at least ten minutes each day finding and fostering new business connections and relationships.
Thanks to: Melanie Musson of

118. Learn New Things

In 2021, I resolve to expand my knowledge and skills by seeking to learn new things. Something business-related, maybe marketing or design, something that’s part of my work and I’m passionate about, and also new cuisine, a personal passion. Growth and development will reflect in all areas of my life. I believe learning new things adds dimension to our lives, both personally and professionally. Not to mention meeting new, interesting people who may become friends, colleagues, or clients.
Thanks to: Kelly Dall Antonia of Walls By Me.

119. Get Creative!

My resolution is to find new ways to bring creativity into my work and life. I think as we age, it is important not to become a creature of habit and to keep your antenna up to be exposed to new and fresh ideas/products/ways of thinking/people/experiences. It is so easy to get busy and let inertia kick in, so I want to make a conscious effort to being more creative in everything I do. No matter what line of work you are in, I think making creativity a priority will make life more fun/interesting.
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

120. Making Peace With Reality, HA!

My New Year’s Resolution is to be at peace with my pace (cue raucous laughter from my team). Every morning, I wake up and write a to-do list that is FAR beyond what I can reasonably achieve. Then the unexpected happens, putting me even further behind. Most of what I "HAVE TO GET DONE" doesn’t even have to happen right now. Better to be present and at peace with whatever the day brings. What I choose for myself, I choose for my team. Time to ease up a bit for everyone’s sake. Wish me luck!
Thanks to: Lori Hamilton of Prosperity Productions.

121. Putting Myself Out There

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is to be more authentically present on social media to show potential clients who I am, what I've experienced and how I can help them. I'm a certified life coach who empowers expat partners to live purposeful and fulfilling lives abroad and during transition. I have 10+ years of expat partner experience in Tokyo, Abu Dhabi and London. This complex journey was full of extreme highs and lows and I aim to share the lessons I've learned with humor and compassion.
Thanks to: Linda Mueller of The Expat Partner Coach LLC.

122. Focus on Work-Life Balance

It's my belief that most of us need a better work-life balance in 2021, as 2020 threw normalcy and routine out the window. My New Year's resolutions, for myself and anyone else, are to stop doing things that don't work and start doing things that do, such as establishing realistic goals while making certain to include some extra “me” time on your calendar. Likewise, focus on minimizing isolation when we're potentially working away from our peers at home for long periods of time.
Thanks to: Sal Raichbach, PsyD of Ambrosia Treatment Center.

123. Winning Customer Service

My resolution for this new year revolves around improving customer service and ensuring that our customers feel heard and receive responsive support during a massive shift in the way businesses and customers engage. I'd like to create a 10 percent increase in positive feedback from customers, despite navigating turbulent economic conditions, because if we can focus on creating winning customer service strategies for the new year, we'll have a great chance to continue to earn new business.
Thanks to: Michael Lawrence of Direct Liquidation.

124. Test Outsourcing on 10 Tasks

One of my New Year's resolutions/goals this year is to have at least 10 new people work for me. I do not mean hiring employees in the traditional sense, but hiring freelancers. It is a tough time out there at the moment. By testing outsourcing on 10 new tasks, I can save time, access expertise, contribute to the much-needed economic recovery and help people in a tight fix who might otherwise struggle for work. It is a great way to both help yourself and help others.
Thanks to: John Munn of ZeroSmart.

125. Pivoting My Business in 2021

Covid-19 forced me to reimagine my business model. Previously, we relied on in-person interactions with clients and word-of-mouth advertising. After serious thought and research, I've resolved in 2021 to create a new online business platform to expand our offerings to a wider base of people. Our new Logos Learning Center will provide interactive workshops on a variety of leadership skills to help people at any stage of their professional journey enhance their leadership capacity.
Thanks to: Helio Fred Garcia of The Logos Consulting Group.

126. Set More SMART SEO Goals

My resolution is to grow my online business by setting SEO goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

This way, I can develop and implement SEO strategies that will bring results overtime. I'll be specific about how much well-researched content I'll optimize and publish, how many unique referring domains I should get each month and how many social media posts I should send out each day. Setting SMART goals will increase my chances of succeeding.
Thanks to: Chioma Iwunze of Creative Writing News.

127. More Messy Action

In 2021, I am going to take more "messy-action" than I ever have before. I'm going to go off course, try new things, and give up on the idea of perfectionism. No more will I check and double-check myself; instead, I will follow my gut and allow bold faith to guide me.
Thanks to: Cassidy Stokes of Hippie on Holiday.

128. New Year's Resolutions

The pandemic has affected all of us, so our first goal is to cut expenses. We have cut back on staff and made other cost-cutting measures. But also, we feel that we can leverage social media to our advantage to gain better traction in our niche. We’re looking at Instagram, Pinterest, and many other resources in order to expand our reach. We feel as though we can save money, while increasing our audience at the same time.
Thanks to: David Walter of Electrician Mentor.

129. Focus On What Really Matters

My New Year’s Resolution is to stop worrying so much about minor issues. My goal is to prioritize and focus on what really matters, both in business and personal affairs. I also want to make it a point to go the extra mile in listening to my customers, asking them questions, and thoroughly addressing all of their concerns and requests. As a company, we will be better at putting ourselves in the customer’s position, so we can see each situation from a customer standpoint.
Thanks to: Joseph Giranda of CFR Rinkens.

130. New Year, New Expertise!

With the uncertainty that has been brought upon us by the pandemic, it is more important now than ever before to continuing learning and honing your skills in order to avoid being stagnant and ensure opportunities will always be available for you. My resolution for this upcoming year is to complete 5 certifications outside of my industry in order to gain a better understanding of other fields of work and diversify my overall knowledge.
Thanks to: Edwin Rubio of Vapor Empire.

131. Get Personal With Consumers

In 2021, we will get to know our target customers better. It’s time to deploy social listening strategies to monitor industry sentiment and discover what truly inspires our audience members. We will use this valuable insight to establish and nurture meaningful relationships with the consumers who support us. In partnership with this approach, we will share personalized marketing content that is influenced by the fan/follower preferences identified in our social engagements and market research.
Thanks to: Kristoffer Howes of G2M Research.

132. Fewer Ferraris in the Stables

Ferrari's were not designed to be kept in the stables like this year. We know our drivers are in an elite class of their own, and in 2021 it’s time to remind the world of it. If we can service more Ferrari's and support more drivers, that means more Ferrari's on the road. From there, the Ferrari will take the lead. Built to take charge, waiting for their next ride. You don’t need to know where you are heading because your Ferrari will. Roam free, the gates are open!
Thanks to: Jarrod Schwager of Cavallino Motorsport.

133. New Year, New Comfort Zone

My business-related New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is to get outside of my comfort zone and get the most out of social media. This will include putting out video content, going live, and networking on social media. I have always struggled with putting myself out there in that way, but getting out of my comfort zone on social media is required in order to take advantage of opportunities to market my business. I am preparing myself to start this in 2021 and stay committed throughout the process.
Thanks to: Christian Moon of Ambitious With A Purpose.

134. Learn Something New Every Day

My new year resolves to learn something new every day. Understanding how things work around you gives you a bigger insight into the world around you. Fortunately, for the internet, we can learn a new skill or refine our current ones. Exploring new methods, thoughts, and experiences helps take care of the people around you and learn from each other.
Thanks to: Robert Applebaum of Dr. Robert Applebaum.

135. Eliminate Compulsive Phone Use

My resolution is to drastically cut down on compulsive phone use during after hours and weekends and to calm my anxiety every time an e-mail comes in! I need to learn to relax and remove any apps which are a distraction and learn to put the phone down and take a breather. Easier said than done! But if I can even make gradual improvements in 2021 (by even 50%), I'll be happy... and I know my wife and my cat will be also!
Thanks to: Pavel Khaykin of Pavel Buys Houses.

136. Serve Others, Serve Yourself

My New Year’s resolution is to have the largest and fastest growth rate in my company in 2021. This way, I can serve more people than ever before. As Mahatma Gandhi has been credited with saying, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". I take this to heart in my business and we infuse this as a core value throughout the team. It pays off for both our clients and for us.
Thanks to: Doug C. Brown of Business Success Factors.

137. Launch More Ice Cream Flavors!

My new year's resolution is to continue to be customer-obsessed; ensuring our customers are happy and taken care of is at the top of my list. Launch several exciting new ice cream flavors and continue to encourage our team's social connections, even though we are working remotely.
Thanks to: Aylon Steinhart of Eclipse Foods.

138. Work-life Balance

This time, I am resolving to continue to practice work-life balance. The global pandemic has shown us how important it is to find a balance between our work and personal lives. Living in a chaotic environment and still trying to figure out ways to keep our lives going as normal has been one of the biggest lessons I have learned this year. I wish to continue to adopt such practices that support it.
Thanks to: Ross Plotkin of Job Nexus.

139. All About Engagement

My main New Year’s business resolution is to amp up social media engagement by, for example, more frequently prompting Instagram followers with questions and polls in photo captions and stories. This way, we can form stronger bonds with our customers, and gain further insight into their expectations of us as a company.
Thanks to: Jacob Edwards-Bytom of Made4Fighters.

140. Founder and Owner

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is to take my brainchild, Shotkit, to the next level. To take my website to 20,000 visits each day and inspire millions worldwide. To keep on reviewing the best camera gears and be of help to those searching for the best fit. To support many more photographers and improving the photographer in them. To teach and learn from the most amazing photographers worldwide.
Thanks to: Mark Condon of Shotkit.

141. Hounding in on Processes

In 2020, we were able to hit product-market fit and raise our first angel round. It was not a small feat, but it has given us massive momentum going into 2021, which we are very lucky to have. As the Founder & CEO of an early-stage tech startup, my goal for 2021 is to truly hone in our processes and procedures and make them super tight and effective. It might not be a sexy goal, but it will allow our scaling to be clean and effective.
Thanks to: Brooke Markevicius of Allobee.

142. Have More Fun!

Business is so serious these days, isn't it? Everything is about deadlines, guidelines, to-do lists, and more. Of course, I can't completely eliminate all of these things but I can make changes.

In 2021, my resolution is to have more fun in the office, with team-members, and in the work I do. I love what I do, so why not enjoy it as much as I can.

In 2021, I plan on doing that.
Thanks to: Sean Chaudhary of Alchemy Leads.

143. Experiment Like a Scientist

This new year, my business resolution is to conduct one wild marketing experiment every week. One thing I've learned so far is that most "best-practices" are overrated. Testing and experimenting will give you so many more insights unique to your market and customers. If I can do 50+ experiments next year, even if 90% of them fail, I'll have 10 new ways to scale my marketing to the next level.
Thanks to: Will Ward of Translation Equipment HQ.

144. STOP Giving the Answers!

I'll put my focus on brilliant questions rather than smart answers. Ask at least one important question a day to the people that matters most to your business. And who are they? You know best, but my bet would be your clients and your employees. If you keep giving answers, you'll only know what you already know, which probably means doing what you're already doing. 2020 has brought a lot of changes. What can your business learn from that? The opportunities are out there. Go looking, be inquisitive.
Thanks to: Victoria Roos Olsson of FranklinCovey.

145. Connect With Others Regularly

My resolution is to continue something I started during the pandemic. As a way to give back and stay connected, I have been reaching out to two women every week to say hello, check-in, and see how I can support them during these times. I have not only seen the impact that it has had on the women, but also the impact that it’s had on me. What started out as a weekly “routine” became a ritual, as I put more meaning and intention around it. Continuing this practice is my 2021 resolution.
Thanks to: Erica Keswin of The Spaghetti Project.

146. Be More Minnie and Less Winnie

Working remotely has made it easy to be more casual in my attire and my standards at times have included participating in video calls dressed more like Winnie the Pooh (aka work clothes from the waist up) than I should. My goal is to be more like Minnie Mouse - always dressed well from head to toe - which emphasizes her get-it-done attitude. This will make me feel successful, creating a better leader. Being more Minnie, less Winnie is a great step in building our business faster!
Thanks to: Anita Darden Gardyne of Oneva.

147. I Miss My Cafe...

In 1997, I opened a cafe w/$13,500. It was perfect, had amazing coffee, local art & the people were wonderful. The business grew, the connections took on a life of their own, & I stepped away to focus on wholesale roasting. It sold in 2012. Since then, I've simplified, launched an ecommerce coffee brand & now sit at a coffee cupping table & laptop to work. In 2021, after a move to FL in Q1, I resolve to open a pop up cafe (or 2) & share cups once again w/coffee enthusiasts craving community.
Thanks to: Jen Stone of Ciel Coffee.

148. The Thought That Counts

Passion, Fear, Whine, and Lists are what I say are the keys to success! Be passionate. It shows who you are! Secondly, don’t be afraid! There are those that are afraid of success. Just make the move into the unknown and you might be surprised. Third: stop whining! No one wants to hear you whine about your challenges. Just get on with it. Lastly, make a list. Keep yourself organized and focused. Those are the things I will do better this year!
Thanks to: Jason Wolfe of giftya.

149. Prioritize Digital PR for SEO

My New Year's resolution for 2021 is to get more publicity for my business. I aim to proactively track and measure this goal, rather than do it randomly. My metrics are to get one piece of coverage from a well-known outlet per quarter; three guest posts per month; and two podcast interviews per month. A good reason to prioritize digital PR is that it can help increase search rankings. At the same time, the stories you tell will forge a deeper bond with potential customers.
Thanks to: Dayana Mayfield of Pitch & Profit.

150. Unique New Year's Resolution!

I have always enjoyed setting new year's resolutions for my business and this year, we wanted to do something a little more unique! For more than a year now, my business has been thinking about how we can be more green and ethically grounded, so starting in January, I am setting out to have fully plant-based meals catered to us once a month. I have been eating plant-based for a few months now and am excited to share what I have learned about healthy and alternative foods with my employees.
Thanks to: Josh Eberly of 717 Home Buyers.

151. Step By Step

With all of the ambiguity ahead in 2021, I’m resolving to live life one step at a time with lots of forgiveness and empathy towards myself and others. I’ll treat it much like driving a car in the fog, trusting in God that however much space in front of me is illuminated, I’ll take what’s given and make the best of it until the fog subsides and I can see more clearly.
Thanks to: Marcus Johnson of FLO Brands, LLC.

152. Build a Strong Community

I think a good New Year’s resolution would be to build a strong community. So many businesses have suffered this year, and I’ve seen many businesses helping each other in ways from coordinating ads or just simply giving each other a good shout out on social media. Knowing we are all in this together and building a solid community of businesses can only help us succeed. There are no competitors, only someone who’s doing the same things in a different way.
Thanks to: Darren Litt of MarketerHire.

153. Expand the Number of Products

We are in the hospitality supplies and for 2021, we are looking to expand our products and the product categories. Especially, we are looking forward to Covid special products that help prevent the spread of Covid. From small scale to large scale innovators, people are coming up with unique products and ideas for Covid. So, we wish to provide such products at an affordable price.
Thanks to: Stanlee S of Stanlee Hospitality Services.

154. Resolve to Run Your Business

My New Year's resolution is to automate more tasks. There is so much work that gets in the way of providing support to our agents and clients. Much of it can be done by another or a software. My resolution is to find a solution and free up my time, so that we can continue to serve people the best we can.
Thanks to: Tammy Masalonis of McGregor Benefits.

155. Dust Off Info Overload

Our New Year’s Resolution is to slowly begin to help people stand up and dust themselves off of the overload, fatigue, and mistrust in the news and information they need to inform themselves and their decisions.

Trust in information is going to be the defining challenge of this decade. At no other time in history has the public been more overwhelmed, more overloaded, and more fatigued by the news and information coming at them from every direction - nearly every minute of the day.
Thanks to: Leigh Fatzinger of Turbine Labs.

156. Education is Key

PawPurity’s 2021 resolution is to extend beyond online marketing so we can educate dog and cat owners why our products are better for their pet’s skin, coat and paws. We’ll participate in community events, work with retail outlets and show at expos. There are no comparable products, as the knowledge, time and cost needed to formulate them keeps them unique. They are 100% plant- and food-based, developed so each ingredient has a healing purpose. People need to learn why this is so important.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of PawPurity.

157. A Woman's Work Is Never Done

Porter PR & Marketing became a certified Woman-Owned Small Business in 2020. Our New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is clearly defined: to make the most of our position to bid on government contacts. This requires networking, participating in panel discussions and connecting with other WOSBs wanting to collaborate in landing relevant contracts. Once we get awarded a job, we need to go beyond expectations to land the next one. A woman’s work is never done. At our agency, that is a good thing.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of Porter PR & Marketing.

158. No More Stress!

As a small business owner, my 2021 resolution is to create a stress-free workplace. Covid taught us that uncertainty affects performance and motivation. This year, I donated neck massagers, diffusers, and Calm and Levelhead app memberships. In 2021, I will go further to create a calm workforce via relaxation programs and out-of-office events for tension relief and to build camaraderie. I hope this helps them enjoy a stress-free home life and they come to work excited, focused and motivated.
Thanks to: Steve Wiideman of Wiideman Consulting.

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