As we start the New Year, small business owners are focused on planning and selling.

How has small business selling changed, and how can business owners make more sales this year?

I’m so glad you asked!

That is exactly what Tony Catalano and I talk to sales expert David J.P. Fisher of RockStar Consulting about in Episode 2 of the New Labor Discussions series.

We talk about why your network sucks and what you can do about it. (D. wrote a great book about this.)

We talk about building real relationships with prospects who become great clients.

We talk about using LinkedIn the right way to source and maintain connections.

We talk about how existing relationships can be maintained with social media and video calls, and how online relationships deepen when you meet IRL.

We talk about the fact that prospects are doing way more research on you and your business before you even know they’re interested.

I know you’ll get a ton of value from this video.