I wanted to title this “Carol’s Crystal Ball 2024.” In the past, Carol and I have done videos with our predictions for the next year. This year, I will offer you a video from Carol for your consideration. 

From the YouTube description:

Banking, Real Estate, and the Potential Economic Fallout

In this video, Carol Roth shares her expert analysis on:

Banking Sector Instability: The impending risks within the US banking industry, particularly the impact on regional banks and the broader financial safety net.

Real Estate Market Fluctuations: How shifts in commercial real estate, especially the office market, could affect your investment portfolio.

Federal Reserve’s Influence: The effectiveness of the Federal Reserve’s interventions in stabilizing the economy and their potential implications for the banking system.

This insightful segment offers valuable perspectives and strategic guidance to help you navigate the complexities of the economic environment as we step into 2024.