Public speaking can be a great way for entrepreneurs to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Speaking for groups or at events can help establish your company as a leader in the space, even if you are a small company or a newer business. 

Getting in front of your ideal audience

Are there association or industry events where your ideal clients will be? These could be good places to speak, be a sponsor, or have a booth. 

Often, trade show or association events will have packages that include a mix of these at different price points. In addition, there may be opportunities to speak for free if there are spots remaining. 

Make a list of relevant events and trade shows for your business. Also, consider if organizations that support small businesses like a chamber of commerce or SCORE might be a fit for you. Rotary meetings and business networking events can be another option. 

Right now, I am marketing my new talk, “From Burnout and Breakdown to Sustainable Working and Living.” My target audiences are employee resource groups (ERGs), women’s networking groups, and small business support groups. My hope is that audience members will buy my book and refer me to speak for other groups.

Some audience members will probably reach out for coaching as well. 

Leveraging your time

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Individual conversations with prospects take a ton of time. Going over your company’s key differentiators with a group of people at the same time leverages your time. 

In short, public speaking can be a very efficient use of your time. 

Positioning yourself or your company as a leader

If your company is not known in the marketplace, the fact that you have been chosen to speak gives your audience the impression that you and your company are something they should consider. 

Being an expert in the front of the room takes you quickly up the know, like, and trust ladder, which will decrease the time of your sales cycle. 

Even if they only heard you speak once, people will feel like they know you.

Filling the sales funnel

It is inevitable that some people who see you speak will ask to have a sales conversation. For certain types of businesses, such as coaches or consultants, speaking for free might make you as much or more money than if you were paid to speak. It has for me. 

If you can get in front of a group of ideal prospects, and if you’re a halfway decent speaker, public speaking can be a great strategy for marketing and business development.

Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash