Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies used by small businesses to generate leads and drive more sales.  81% of small businesses depend on email marketing as their main means of customer acquisition.

While some record a lot of success with it, others don’t. Businesses that don’t have digital marketing experts to help them with email marketing may struggle.

If your business isn’t having success with email marketing, this article should help. Here are five email marketing mistakes small businesses make and how to fix them.

Let’s first look at the basics.

How does email marketing help small businesses with their marketing? Email marketing:

  • Builds trust and strong relationships with customers through frequent helpful emails
  • Cuts down on advertising costs with a large email list
  • Offers solutions to problems because it understands the pain points of the target audience

Let’s go to the common mistakes.

#1. Not analyzing email campaigns using A/B Testing

You may have launched different email campaigns and never bothered to analyze your results to evaluate if you met your goals. In email marketing, the only way to improve your results is to analyze the success of your campaigns.

Assessing how your audience reacts to your emails when they land in their inbox is key.

How to fix it

Use an A/B Testing feature to analyze various campaigns you launched, and the results related to your marketing goals. Email marketing software like SendX has a feature that allows you to test how your subscribers react to your subject line, content, call to action button, etc.

#2. Lack of personalization in emails

How does it feel to receive an email with the sender not addressing you by your name?

Sometimes you might see it as spam. And that’s how some of your audience may react when you send them emails without personalizing them. Occasionally, they may immediately trash it (or even block you) – even though they willingly signed up to receive your emails.

That means they haven’t given you the chance to convert them into buyers.

How to fix it

For a small business that has a blog and acquires subscribers through sign-up forms, ensure you create a field for first name. That way, your audience will enter their first name when signing up.

Also, be sure to check that your message is inserting the first name correctly by sending yourself a test email. Don’t skip this!

#3. Sending emails without segmentation

If you don’t segment your email list, you’re likely to send emails to a person who didn’t subscribe to a particular list. That’s annoying and will turn some people off.

How to fix it

Email marketing software like Getresponse or Activecampaign have the segmentation feature. Use it to categorize your subscribers according to the list they signed up for.

#4. Adding a broken link

When you launch email campaigns, you may add a link that will send your subscribers to another page. Sometimes those links are broken and a customer will get a 404 error (page not found).

How to fix it

Check any link you add to your email campaign to be sure it is working.

#5. Forgetting a call to action button

Call to action buttons are important for your subscribers to convert to sales. If it’s missing, your subscribers may find it difficult to understand what you want them to do.

How to fix it

Use a bold, clear, and simple call to action button telling your subscribers what you want them to do. An example could be “Learn more here” or “Claim your discount now.”

Also, be sure to place it in an obvious location where it will be visible.

Email marketing can help you grow your small business – but only if you do it right.

The mistakes discussed here stop small businesses from seeing results. Implement the solutions offered the next time you launch an email campaign to improve your email marketing.