Video, when used properly, can really enhance many aspects of your business and when used improperly, can even cause brand damage.

To sort this out, I sought the advice of the contributor network of entrepreneurs and experts to find out their best tips to effectively use video in business. Their answers are presented below in no particular order.

You may notice some similar insights, but I kept the ideas separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. Cultivate Yourself

Do it yourself!

Most companies try to hire outside people to put together a video. That doesn't fit too well in an increasingly transparent world now.

The new shifts in business demand that we become more communicative and exposed to the end user. Develop your ability to be on camera. Do outtakes (you'll have plenty of them), learn from yourself, study effective presenters and deliver the emotional core behind your brand.
Thanks to: Ryan Critchett of Imarketinghacked.

2. Do It With a Friend

To help keep things natural, consider filming yourself talking with someone else! Do an interview or demonstration, or just talk— you'll be amazed at how having another person with you changes the energy!
Thanks to: Jason Seiden of Ajax Social Media.

3. Sell the Product

Make sure any video you make helps for branding and product selling purposes. Sure, you can get a viral video with 5 million views, but if no one knows what your product is, they surely don't want to buy it. So in your video, make sure the audience knows what you're about and create some legitimacy and credibility for yourself that way, so later down the funnel, they are more likely to convert.
Thanks to: Danny Wong of Thread Tradition.

4. Sold Before They Contact You!

If you're not placing your videos or webinars on LinkedIn(R) apps, you're missing one of the easiest, 24/7, sales tools imaginable. Consider this. Your demographics are on LinkedIn(R). They conduct a search for "what you offer" and find your profile (in my case, business plans). Next, they view your video using the SlideShare Presentations app. They're 99.9% sold and contact you to learn how soon you can do "it" and the price. It's a true tip about what has happened to me a few times.
Thanks to: Maria Marsala of Elevating Your Business.

5. See Success With Video

Twitter is a great training ground for communicating sound advice succinctly. Transfer this skill into your video moments. Provide sound advice for your clientele, while sounding energetic and with a smile on your face. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You will attract much good attention building your brand, audience and reputation. Post the videos on social media sites & tweet the link. New opportunities will come your way and it all becomes a Smooth Sale!
Thanks to: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale, LLC.

6. What's the Purpose?

What do you want your viewers to actually DO at the end of watching?
Do you want them to:
Go to your site and buy something or get a freebie?
Just know about your site?
Sign up for a class or course?
Be entertained and pass it on?
Be clear and lead your viewers to your end-result.

Have these 2 elements in place:
1. A call to action that leads them to the intended results; and
2. A link to your website, so they can find and get more of you.
Thanks to: Angela Treat Lyon of Angela Treat Lyon.

7. Inquiring Minds Want to Know

A good use of video for your business is to answer customer "FAQs" online one at a time. If your customers are asking certain questions, you can bet there are a lot more people out there who also want to know.

So, you feature answering a question in a short video and post it on your website, blog & several video sites. You establish yourself as an authority on your topic, attract people who are a good fit for your business, and help someone get the information they need all at the same time.
Thanks to: Barb Roehler of BR Innovations LLC.

8. Brighten the Message

As the publisher of four blogs, we intermittently use videos to spark our readers' attention. The videos tend to increase the comments made and keep readers coming back because they never know what to expect. Statistics tend to show that "how to" videos are effective learning tools and tend to keep the listeners' attention.
Thanks to: Sherell Edwards of The Christian Women's Leadership Ex.

9. Annotate Your Video

I've been using videos to promote my client case studies, which show the before and after effects of working with my company.

This has proved very powerful and the videos get ranked immediately!

However, I've also noticed other companies in my niche have hi-jacked my client case study videos and placed them on their site as if they got those results.

You can use the "annotation" tool in YouTube to add a little graphic with your url or domain name to make sure viewers know it's yours!
Thanks to: Curtis Chappell of Quantum SEO Solutions.

10. Use an Online Marketing Secret

My one best tip for using videos in business is to organize a professional and effective video that markets your business and product. Expand your reach by advertising your videos online by posting them in various different applicable places. The reason being is because videos are recognized in search engines as many times as they are posted online, as opposed to blogs which only get recognized once. To add to this, visual aids not only assist in reinforcing learning, but help us to remember too.
Thanks to: Kevin Benton of Kevin Benton Ministries.

11. Everybody Loves a Theme Song!

Music is appreciated everywhere, so make your video message more poignant by using music. When we started our business, Choosing to Smile Publications, we knew we would be promoting a lifestyle, not only a book. What better way to capture that feeling than through a music video. I highly recommend it as a very effective marketing tool - the music can be played as a speaker's intro and the DVD makes a powerful visual impact that succinctly introduces who and what 'Choosing to Smile' is all about.
Thanks to: Glenda Standeven of Choosing to Smile Publications.

12. Repurpose Articles into Videos

I just wrote a blog post, which I then dictated into a voice recorder. The article became a WAV audio file, then an MP3 file. The MP3 became a YouTube video, which is now embedded above the article in the blog post. I also uploaded the video to the site which hosts my video podcasts. Any article you write for any site can become audio for a future CD and a video. There is software available that will transform an MP3 and a thumbnail image into a video file. This will drive more site traffic.
Thanks to: Tom Von Deck of Tom Von Deck, Meditation Trainer.

13. Let Your Clients Sell You

Take a video camera with you when you work with clients. Ask them to recap these three topics on camera:

What they learned
What-together-you achieved, and
What they expect to be able to do next (or what they look forward to happening next)

Then, ask them for a short testimonial (under a minute).

The final step is to send them two videos.

They get the first one as a gift.
They give you permission to use the second as a testimonial on your web site.
Thanks to: Mike Wittenstein of Mike Wittenstein.

14. Video Thank You Notes a FLIP type video camera. Everyone in biz needs one. Then, as a THANK YOU NOTE or a means of INTRODUCTION, send a vid to the client/prospect. I landed a TV job this way. Immediately after our first meeting, I went across the street from the TV station and created a 30 sec Flip video "thank you" note. Make your location obvious! I got the gig! Hint... keep it short,sweet and refer to something in the meeting that just took place. Send it within 30 min of the meeting. This works!
Thanks to: John DiPietro of Advanced Business Concepts/DiPietro.

15. Become VideoCharismatic™!

As a CEO, Celebrity & Small Biz speech & media coach, I see Video exploding. Businesses MUST embrace it & become “VideoCharismatic™.” Video 2.0 means anyone can create, shoot & upload video that gets seen & gets business. This is especially great for small biz. Here is a fave application: Next time you get a new client inquiry, instead of emailing your response, shoot a quick video response, upload it to YouTube as unlisted, & email a link to the client. Guaranteed to get attention!
Thanks to: Ruth Sherman of Ruth Sherman Associates LLC.

16. Optimize More Than Your Blogs

When I hear using video in business I think online video. In the same way you need to optimize a blog post to be found by your audience, you need to optimize a video to be found. Since search engines can't listen to your video (yet) you have to tell them what it's about. Too many videos get lost in the mix with titles like "XYZ Company video" Use keywords in your titles, descriptions and tags so your content can be found. --Bonus tip-- Just like a blog, give your viewer a specific call to action.
Thanks to: Chris Theisen of 12 Stars Media.

17. Be as Racy as Possible!

Videos have revolutionized our business. And which videos stand out? The ones with titles like "Why Promissory Estoppel is like a Bikini Wax" or "Why Cheating Husbands Need Better Lobbyists". We try to be as engaging as possible right off the bat, and it's really worked for us. Be bold. Be funny. Don't be afraid. You'll see that it works! To check out our videos,
Thanks to: Elura Nanos of Lawyer Up.

18. Making You More Real

A video can explain something you are doing in your business, while making what you do more real. Some companies use video just to explain a seminar or why you should take that course. So much more can be done to make you stand out from the competition. Google loves video, since many businesses do not use it to make the ones that do stand out more. The more personal and professional you are in a video, the more you can "touch" others emotionally to want to know more and what makes you different.
Thanks to: Carol Coots of Practical Cost Reduction.

19. Movies Should Be Mobile

Video is a powerful way to communicate a business message, but if you misuse video on your website, people will be irritated by it and exit. This is especially the case if your regular website doubles as the website smartphone users must visit to find your information when they are on the go.

There are some simple rules to video on mobile devices:
1) use video only where it really offers value
2) never use Flash

Mobile users are an essential audience. Help them get the best from your site.
Thanks to: Phil Ayres of Consected LLC.

20. Be a Winner

Using video for your business = show off your trophies. Simply, make sure you look good, the edit looks good and you say or do really good stuff. Nothing is worse than a video of you looking scrappy, while your voice might as well be mute and you're twiddling your thumbs. Take the limelight serious and be a winner!
Thanks to: Nathan Smoyer of Chatterbox Marketing.

21. Video + Social Media = Awesome

I've been producing video for years, but it's only recently that I've discovered the powerful combination of video and social media. "Social Video" greatly extends the reach of your video and gets you tons of free publicity. Here's the secret: Create a photo/video montage using Animoto or OneTrueMedia. (I do "FollowFriday" videos with peeps' pix) Then, post the vid to Facebook and TAG all the folks you included in the video. The video then appears on all their FB pages and gets shared big time!
Thanks to: Lou Bortone of

22. Veni, Vidi, Video

My best tip for using a video to promote your business actually came from a student in one of my training seminars. She suggested a series of short videos of me in action, teaching a given concept. I'm convinced the video that contains a giveaway, as well as promotional material, is the best way to introduce potential clients to your business and to yourself.
Thanks to: Marlene C of Center for Professional Development.

23. How to SEO Your Video

Search engines cannot decipher actual video content, which means you’ll have to spell out what’s in your video in order to help the search engine find you. Incorporating SEO correctly can increase your search rankings by making you more visible and increase the amount of time visitors spend on your page. Use descriptive titles, tags, and headings with appropriate keywords and include your URL in the description to reach the top of the search rankings.
Thanks to: Becky Boyd of MediaFirst PR.

24. Short and Shorter

The 30-second commercial has migrated to the Web. Translation: nobody watches minutes-long videos anymore, unless you're interviewing the Seals who smoked Bin Laden. One more thing: make sure those 30 seconds are spellbinding (if you can't present Team 6).
Thanks to: Stan DeVaughn of Write Angle Inc.

25. Cause Some Excitement

Videos are needed and necessary in our ongoing and growing visual society. If people are watching videos on their phones, iPads and other devices more and more each day, then for your business to thrive and grow, you need to do something to stand out. Don't just shoot a video in a room or typical setting. Instead, pick a different and unusual location, maybe a rooftop, in the middle of a garden, standing on a bridge... you get the idea. Content is important and location is vital to video success.
Thanks to: Myles Miller of LeadUP.Biz.

26. Sell More By Not Selling

We encourage our clients to create videos that provide a history of the company, talk about corporate values, demonstrate community service, etc, along with their promotional videos. We also encourage their executives to avoid "stuffed shirt, corporate boardroom" backgrounds and use outdoor natural settings instead. Every business should have a YouTube channel, post its videos on its website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, and keep the videos short... 2 to 3 minutes at the most.
Thanks to: Bob Steinkamp of Ithaca Public Relations.

27. Tell, Don't Sell

Be generous in sharing information your ideal clients can use right away, so they can benefit and be guided to that "know-like-trust" place fast. When the timing is right, viewers will engage and they will "get to YES" a whole lot faster for having met you at their 24/7 convenience via video.
Thanks to: Nancy Juetten of Main Street Media Savvy.

28. Tell a Compelling Story

If a picture says a thousand words, then a well done, creative video paints an even more vivid picture, evokes emotion & draws people closer towards answering the call to action. In the end, we all want people to understand what we do, why we do it, what the value we bring to the table is & why people should spend $$$$$$ with us. Video does this in a compelling way. It draws us in, tells a story, entertains and triggers memories that last and can be recalled more easily than words alone.
Thanks to: Ben Baker of CMYK Solutions Inc.

29. Hot Prospect "Fishing"

The most powerful way to use video (that I know about) is on a great looking landing page, providing some great teaser content that has as its sole purpose to have the page visitor opt in and share their contact info. Once they opt in, they are redirected to a 2nd video with more great content, letting the new prospect "fall in love" with you and want more of you...
Thanks to: E.G. Sebastian of E.G. Performance Solutions.

30. Videos Establish Credibility

There is always a risk when working with someone new that they won't meet expectations. I have a video on my site to enable my clients to see me competing in a state wide speech competition. This not only lets them sample my work, but it also builds social proof for me in the eyes of my potential clients. Placing second out of 3,000 speakers is a notable accomplishment that is a great calling card with potential clients.
Thanks to: John Paul Engel of Project Be The Change.

31. SEO for Videos

Make sure to use your business-related keywords in your video title and description. Add a link to your website in the description section of your video and/or provide a call-to-action (ex: phone number or website URL) in the video itself.

Implementing these tips helped us gain almost 1 million views on YouTube and lots of traffic to our website.
Thanks to: Shai Atanelov of Cell Phones.

32. Do I Know, Like, Trust You?

Put your most important keywords at the beginning of your YouTube description. Most people only look at the first 2 lines. Advertise your website address, but be sure to include the complete URL in order for it to be an active link.

Before people buy from you, they need to:
1. Know you
2. Like you
3. Trust you

People don't like to be sold, but they do like to buy! Be authentic in your videos and you will build a relationship of confidence with your customers.
Thanks to: Trina Boice of

33. Give Homework They'll Love

I had my own channel on YouTube for almost a year before things really took off (I now have one video with more than 350,000 views, 11 with more than 10,000 views and more than 1,000 subscribers). A simple change made a huge difference: my videos now end with a screen that says "Subscribe now for more videos" and "See more at". This simple change increased activity with no cost and little effort.
Thanks to: Kevin Caron of Sculptor Kevin Caron.

34. Condom Videos

We strive to provide as much information about all of our products and video is a great tool to enhance our product descriptions. We hired a spokesperson to talk about the features of each condom and made a series of informative videos to help people choose the right condoms for the best protection. After about two months, our 90 videos have been viewed well over 10,000 times. We linked the videos from YouTube to the respective products on our website, which helps get our pages indexed.
Thanks to: Mark Mckelvey of Wow Condoms.

35. Video...You Must!

Are you living under a rock? Video is the most important "thing" to use in marketing your business, website and image. Video tells a story that straight text can't (sorry fabulous editors). If you have a product-then a demonstration video has to be on your site and youtube, even linking the two together. Youtube takes your key words and connects them to your video and to all the important searches you want your potential customer to search by!
Thanks to: Dhana Cohen of The Next Big Zing.

36. Check Out

I had a guy create a short video for me. He promotes my book "Success Tweets" while juggling fire.

You can see the video on my site. It's on the right side of the home page. Scroll down until you see the guy with fire -- hit play and watch.

There are lots of creative people on who can do similar things to help you promote yourself and your business.
Thanks to: Bud Bilancih of The Common Sense Guy.

37. Niche videos

Website Magazine stated that Youtube is searched more than all other search engines combined (other than Google). You must tag your videos wisely. If you sell books, don't tag your videos with "books", but rather "kid's books" or "business tip books" or "books about horses" etc. By using tags that are overly broad, you'll be swallowed up in the search engines by the larger sites who dominate those key words. When it comes to tagging videos, think SMALLER!
Thanks to: Shara Lawrence-Weiss of Personal Child Stories.

38. Coming Attractions

Think of your company video as a movie trailer, and your product/service as the blockbuster it promotes. Your video is not a commercial advertising your business; it's a teaser that creates excitement about what you do.
Thanks to: Kezia Jauron of Evolotus PR.

39. Lights! Camera! Inaction!

Movement on camera can be very distracting. Watch newscasters or actors and you will see that for the most part they are very still. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use gestures — you should, but be careful to avoid movement that doesn’t have purpose. Also, keep all gestures above the bottom of the shot.

All movement is exaggerated on-camera. If you want to lean forward to show interest, make it a slight move. Avoid frequently moving toward and away from the camera.
Thanks to: Laurie Brown of The Difference.

40. Get Your Testimonials in Video

Nothing boosts your credibility more than having a real customer come on video to endorse you- extra points given if that customer happens to be a celebrity of some sort.
Thanks to: Bola Ajumobi of Slimy Bookworm.

41. Tips Drive Traffic

If you have a series of tips in your area of expertise, do a series of 1-2 minute videos for each tip. They are quick, grab attention and provide value. Providing a series gives people reason to return to the site/blog. I have 4 series, Sales, Leadership, Body Language, and Personal Growth with 52 tips in each area (yep, one per week). Then, package them as a give-away or promotion.
Thanks to: Harlan Goerger of H. Goerger & Associates.

42. It's About Time

A little editing goes a long way. A careful evaluation must be made to ascertain what is appropriate for the medium upon which the video will appear. Some videos can be 2 minutes long (i.e. on your web-site). Some need to be 30 seconds (commercial). Others can run 10 minutes (YouTube). The goal is to maximize your audience and to have them watch the entire video. I like to have all the raw footage and then edit it to various lengths. On web-sites, I will also have short and full-length options.
Thanks to: Mitch Pisik of Pisik Consulting.

43. Short and Sweet

People tend to have short attention spans with video. Keep promotional videos short (about a minute). If you have a longer message, do it in a series.
Thanks to: Mike Saxton of Science Fiction Author.

44. Get Ready for Your Close Up

When a business decides to create a video for their business, they often overlook the planning! It's point and shoot. Ask questions: what is the purpose of the video? Who should host your video? Are you a great presenter? A video reflects on you and your company, so you want it to be engaging! You don't want your video to look like a high school project. So, follow some basic rules to make your web-based video stand out and shine. I have some ideas to help you craft your video.
Thanks to: Mark Alyn of Mark Alyn Communications, Inc.

45. Move Beyond the Web Page

Video ads can be placed in video games with Google’s In-Games Advertising platform. Video ads can be placed on iPhones using Apple’s new iAds framework. The extreme fringe of video promotion includes paid or pro-bono charity billboards inserted into 3-D virtual-reality games, and in virtual multiverses such as Second Life. Ads also can be placed in “machinima” productions, which create films within a real-time 3D virtual environment often using 3D video-game technologies.
Thanks to: Lauren Polinsky of PALO Creative.

46. Show Something Beautiful

I don't know about you, but I love to watch a potter make something on a potter's wheel. There's something mesmerizing about the spinning of the wheel, the seeming magic that transforms a lump of clay into a beautiful piece of art.

That's why I made a video of an artist making an urn for Shine On Brightly. So many urns are void of character and, pardon the expression, void of life. When you watch this video, you'll see that a caring, creative person is creating this important piece of art.
Thanks to: Adrienne Crowther of Shine On Brightly.

47. Forget Visitors Think Audience

The Web is no place for conventional wisdom, especially when it comes to video communication. Video combines the verbal, non-verbal, and emotional context and subtext that makes a commercial message memorable. So why are so many videos ineffective? Business must stop treating website visitors like customers or prospects and start treating them like an audience. Audiences need to be informed, enlightened, and above all, entertained in order to make a meaningful, memorable impression.
Thanks to: Jerry Bader of MRPwebmedia.

48. Content > Video Quality

Don't worry about spending a lot of cash on cameras and professionals.

This is the YouTube age - Steven Spielberg's skill and James Cameron's gear aren't required to make a corporate video that grabs people. Prop a FlipCam (RIP!) on a desk, and start recording! Answer common questions your users may have, get your CEO to tell the story about how he met his business partner, discuss the "Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Company Like Us..." No matter the topic: Just. Start. Filming!
Thanks to: Tim Croteau of eMagine.

49. Put Customers in the Limelight

Best tip: Produce a customer testimonial. Ask a customer to share their success story about your product or service. For example, we asked singer Samantha Murphy ( to share her journey to legally record and release Johnny Cash's song Ring of Fire. The resulting video is a valuable tool about Limelight, our online licensing utility that makes it simple for artists or bands to clear cover songs.
Thanks to: Michael Kauffman of Limelight.

50. Show Me and I'll Remember

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand" ~ Confucius. I believe that quote holds true in business as well. Social media has placed a platform for businesses to catapult creative and effective marketing to a whole other level. Video messaging is one of those creative ways to show what you do and be remembered. One tip for videos in business is to talk in 30 second sound-bites that add value to your product or service.
Thanks to: Faithe Rogers.

51. Use Video Q&As - Fast & Cheap!

Solicit questions about your business through your blog/social profiles and film the company spokesperson or “face” of the company responding to select questions by short video clips. These videos should communicate what your business is about and the services/products it offers in a non-promotional tone. Video Q&As show that your company listens to its online community members, and taking the time to create a video response goes a long way towards creating a positive impression of your business.
Thanks to: Serena Matter of Peak Communicators.

52. Split Test to Up Conversions

I consistently use split testing to realize greater conversion and engagement rates. Just as you would adjust the location of an opt-in button on a blog or the layout of a website, tweaking little things in a video can provide significantly better results. I recently split tested five versions of the same video. The difference between the lowest conversion and the highest was nearly double.
Thanks to: Leo Pucklis of Neota Logic Inc.

53. Get to the Point!

With over thirteen thousand video views in over fifteen different countries, I can attest that videos are a great way to ramp up brand awareness and new business. About seventy percent of our new business comes from social networking sites like facebook that we post videos on. The majority of our video catalogue on you tube contains videos of forty five seconds or less. There's lots of competition for consumer's time, so be clear, quick, precise and effective.
Thanks to: Troy Campbell of TROYBOY INTERNATIONAL.

54. One Thing Most People Miss

Videos are great. Most businesses we work with use them. You should too. Note: if you have corn permanently stuck in your teeth or look like you've been hit in the face by a shovel, consider having someone else in your company be on the video 🙂

What most people miss is this - they have no strategy! Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this video? What points do I want to make? And, most importantly, what is the next step I want them to take?

Answer these before you shoot video.
Thanks to: Chris Goegan of Engineered Marketing Solutions.

55. Keep it Real & Keep it Simple

Driving downtown is never going to be easy for me- one way roads and I simply do not get along.

One way conversations? Even worse.

I don't know about you, but I want INTERACTION!

How we use video online is similar. If I could share one tip with readers if would be to keep your videos as real and simple as possible. Don't attempt to talk AT your audience with video, but rather attempt to use video to talk WITH your audience, changing them from an audience to relationships!
Thanks to: Rocky Walls of 12 Stars Media.

56. Show What You Know

Video is a perfect way to demonstrate your credibility and expertise. Use these methods to make it work for any type of business.
- I answer client questions on video. If one client needs more info on a topic then I'm sure others do too. It's a great way to inform, demonstrate your expertise and make a connection with prospective clients.
- I also love to use videos for testimonials. I do them for others - and my clients do them for me! It's an instant credibility boost and fun to do!
Thanks to: Phyllis Nichols of SoundAdvice Sales And Marketing.

57. Use Video Contests

When Kevin Werntz launched Peas-Corp’s flagship brand, he was evaluating inexpensive ways to build the brand and sell games. He decided to launch a brand channel using YouTube. His first product is a party game called Whirled Peas and Barnes & Noble is offering the game in their stores across the USA this summer. “We needed an option to spread the buzz inexpensively”, says Kevin "so we are launching a video contest that will award fans for showcasing the 5 game challenges and win I-Pads."
Thanks to: Kevin Werntz of Whirled Peas.

58. Do a Pre-Shoot Image Check!

When shooting video, put together your "look" and then do a test run before shooting the finished product. You'll be able to preview it and determine what changes need to be made in color, fabric and silhouette, before spending time and money to produce a product you're not 100% satisfied with. Fabric colors and patterns may do unpredictable things on video, and the experience will also help you be more prepared for future television appearances!
Thanks to: Dianne Daniels of Image & Color Services.

59. Client Raves are All the Rage!

One of the best uses of video for your business is creating a montage of clips by your clients- past and present- saying wonderful things about you, your products and/or services. People will likely watch a video in its entirety, versus take the time to read all the testimonials on your site.
Thanks to: Rachel Luna of The Tailor Made Life .

60. Video Archive a Must

Implement an archive of video and other rich media. This enables the videos to live on to continue to serve your sales/lead-generation needs. Otherwise, they can be lost throughout the disparate computing systems of the organization, wasting valuable resources and knowledge for your business. The archive should be easy to access from any computer, which will enable a greater percentage of employees to view and share training and sales videos and rich media at any given time.
Thanks to: Greg Pulier of MediaPlatform, Inc.

61. You are Not Spielberg

Don’t focus on production values. Unless you are Spielberg, things won’t turn out as you imagine, and nothing looks worse than ambitious but ineffective production. Forget the fancy credits, complicated lighting, dramatic editing and the multiple camera angles. A simple opening, a straightforward video that focuses on message, and a closing screen that displays your website and call to action is all you need. People will judge your videos by what you say, not whether they are Oscar worthy.
Thanks to: Owen Minto of Lifestyle Conscious Parenting.

62. It's Not Avatar!

1. PLEASE do not use the zoom, twirl, or other effects in the camera! You can add effects in editing. Special effects make the viewer dizzy. Simple shots of people talking and doing are fine.

2. No more than 6 lines of words on the screen.

3. Tell folks what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them (Toast Masters). Start with an establishing shot (outside of your office or building). Clearly state your goals (3 or 4). Think essay with pictures. Less is more.
Thanks to: Sally Franz of Geronto Communications.

63. Knock Off the Cutesy Stuff

The object of advertising is to grab the prospective client/purchaser's attention. Far too often, that is done by producing outlandish videos/ads. The first time or two might they might be found okay, but beyond that, the ad risks becoming so annoying to turn people away. Excellent examples of good outlandish ads: Chick-fil-A cows, Aflac duck, Geico Gecko, and Carl's Jr. turkey burger ads. Annoying examples: Well, you know what annoys you. Don't continue promoting it.
Thanks to: Bill H Moore of Celtic Publications (US).

64. Light! Deals! Closed!

Using videos instead of plain emails or direct mail sets you apart from the crowd. Let your potential clients see the goods and your expertise. Mr. Whipple said 'not to squeeze the Charmin', but let your prospects squeeze and touch the goods electronically. Keep mini dvds or flash drives on you during networking events so you can show a prospect instantly what your company has to offer or give it to them on the spot, so they can view it later. This shows you are a savvy and creative company.
Thanks to: Stephanie C. Williams of Crowned One Worldwide Inc.

65. Don't Be So Serious

Videos have the benefit of being a visual media, the perfect way for others to get to know you, but many people are intimidated by that little black box. So, to get over your nervousness, practice without the pressure of having to "do it right". Get in front of the camera for a few minutes at a time. Practice being more animated, smiling more, sitting or standing. Have fun with the camera until you make it your friend. Imagine you are talking to your best friend and let your personality shine!
Thanks to: Jane Morrison of Mastering Your Motivation.

66. Sexy YouTube WordPress Plugins

It's not often that you hear me refer to technology as "sexy", but these YouTube-specific WordPress plugins definitely fit that bill.

* Genki YouTube Comments - This plugin automatically takes all of the comments from your YouTube videos and puts them as WordPress comments on your blog posts.

* Smart YouTube - By far the easiest way to embed YouTube videos on your blog. It also makes these videos iOS-friendly, so they can be watched on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
Thanks to: Hani Mourra of Easy Online Video Tips.

67. Be the Face of Your Company!

There have been a number of ways I have used video for my business. The one I use most often is to review new products that we add to our site, so that our customers can hear why we like it and see how it works before they buy. Another way is to introduce contests, giveaways or promotions. I feel that putting a face behind our company name helps make a connection to our customers that goes beyond what text is able to do.
Thanks to: Heather Ledeboer of Mom 4 Life.

68. Ask the Expert

Use video to showcase your organization's experts on your web site. To see examples, look no further than the high growth industry of health care. One worth reviewing is Banner Health, a non-profit hospital system with an impressive library. Take a tour by visiting their home page and typing ‘ask the expert, video’ in the search function. Bottom line: experts addressing FAQs in a concise video can positively impact revenue and improve credibility, while boosting the web site’s ranking.
Thanks to: Kelly Isley of Corcoran Associates.

69. Who's Up for Home Movies?

Remember the days of the family home movie? What made this so meaningful was the behind-the-scenes glimpse for insiders only. Replicate this feeling in your company's video by offering a humanized look--from work ethic, to personality, to the benefits provided to customers. Bring your value proposition to life by letting the boss and the workforce tell the story. This adds credibility to your brand, along with depth and dimension to the time-tested notion that people buy from people.
Thanks to: Sherrie A. Madia, Ph.D. of Author, Social Media Survival Guide.

70. Will Anyone Watch it?

It's the finest business video ever made. The final edit has been approved- high fives all around. But will anyone get to see it? My most important tip: Integrate your distribution plan into the production effort. Identify key audiences and how you want to get the video to them. You'll find that simply going through this process will make your video more effective. Distribution options that we suggest include Internet Media Tours, social media and sharing with employees, vendors and clients.
Thanks to: Doug Simon of D S Simon Productions.

71. URLs Rule

You've made an amazing video with tons of value, now what? Invite them to keep in touch! Always include a URL at the beginning of your video description to drive traffic back to a single opt-in page. This lead generating tactic is great for converting visitors to prospects or customers with one click of a button. Don't forget to make the link clickable by adding http://
Thanks to: Zenobia Garrison of Success Transitions.

72. Make an Impact with Video

Make an impact on others' success by sharing your services via a video link attached to your email signature. The size of the video will be important, so that it is easily transferred using email. Try a company like AngelVision to develop the perfect video.
Thanks to: Karla Osorno of EE Technologies, Inc.

73. Entertainment Entertains--Only

Be sure that your video is relevant to the product or service that's being promoted.

In our fun-seeking age, people love entertainment: present-moment satisfaction--with Color! Action! Stars! Gossip!

But entertainment doesn't contain an actionable message.

Your (clients') budgets can't out-perform Hollywood; don't try. What message is proper for your budget, objective, and target audience?

Can you show it? How? Then, show that!
Thanks to: Richard Cavalier of Meetings/Cavalier.

74. Production Values Matter

I studied media production in college and have a lot of experience producing films and video. Amateur videos stick out like a sore thumb in the marketplace and often discredit the makers. My best advice is that it is better to use NO videos in business than to use unprofessional ones. Image matters and amateur videos connote an amateur entrepreneur. High-quality videos lend credibility to your business ventures. Don't hesitate to consult a media production professional.
Thanks to: Lisa Ditkowsky, CFP(r).

75. Broaden Your YouTube Audience

You shouldn't merely create a YouTube Channel for videos with content related directly to your product or service. Take it a step further: Create videos on wide-ranging subjects within your industry of general interest. You'll find that your general interest videos are the ones that drive traffic back to your business. We provide an eCommerce shopping cart and have many videos specific to our service on our YouTube Channel; however, the videos on general topics are getting 400% more views.
Thanks to: Luke Latham of SellRex Corporation.

Do you have another tip that wasn’t included? If you do, please share it below. And as always, many thanks to everyone that contributed to this article!