Being a business owner is an emotionally, and sometimes physically, exhausting road of ups and downs.   When you are in service of customers and clients, two things often happen:

(i) You get burnt out; and

(ii) You put your business goals on the back burner.

However, when you don’t prioritize yourself and your business, you can end up being in conflict with your goals.  The reality is that:

To be in service of your customers, you have to be in top form; and

-If you want your business to progress, you have to take time to consistently work on the strategy for the overall business.

We can’t service our customers at the highest level if we are always running on fumes, not exercising regularly and not eating well.

We also need to work on the business (not just in it) to achieve growth.

Today, I am walking the talk and taking a few weeks off to work on the strategy of my business, as well as to take some time to unplug, focus on my health and wellness and hopefully catch up on some much-needed television watching.

While it’s easy to put your customers and clients first, you sometimes need to put yourself first- just for a little while.  It’s difficult to pass up client work.  It’s tough to find the time.  But we have to.

So, while I am “gone fishing”, I hope you will consider putting some time on your calendar to do the same in the next six months.  None of us can afford to take the time off, but none of us can afford not to, either.

**See you in a couple of weeks!**