Do you know what I’m getting done these days?


Or as little as I can get away with, even though I am used to working virtually and have been doing it for more than nine years.

So, you could say I am posting this video interview with Carol because I need to watch it.

More clearly, I need to actually DO what she recommends.

The productivity expert (me) has been extremely unproductive. #Fail

Generally, I am all about to-do lists and calendaring activities. In the middle of this COVID-19 crisis and business unusual, I am having trouble caring.

Maybe you are, too?

Anyway, Carol and I share some solid suggestions, including keeping to your same routine, scheduling meetings and tasks on your calendar, staying away from news and social media during the workday, etc.

We both stressed the idea of putting treats or rewards on your calendar as well so you don’t start hating your calendar (and stop using it).

Maybe watching this again will help me kick my own butt.