We’ve got some big news to share today: Carol Roth has written a new book!

From Carol on LinkedIn here.

10 years ago I wrote a book about the biggest risks to being a #smallbiz owner. Today I am announcing my new book, The War on Small Business—available for pre-order now—on how the #1 risk for starting or running a small business in America today is the government—at all levels.

The War on Small Business is emblematic of a bigger shift away from free markets to central planning. From the Federal Reserve’s actions to our relationship with China to the power roll up between big biz/govt/special interests, it is about how our economic freedom and individual rights hang in the balance.

I hope you will preorder today. You can visit the book’s website here to learn more. If you want to support a small business, you can order via Bookshop.org, which will fulfill from an independent bookstore.

If you want to order elsewhere—capitalism.

Please spread the word and if you have any ideas on how to help get more people to pre-order, please reach out.