Having just passed my one year anniversary as community manager, it seemed fitting to do a week of “best of” posts. Looking back, I saw some outstanding content around specific themes. Today we start off with something that is critical for small business owners, especially service providers.

Chris Eh YoungThe Coffee Consultant. Do you love it or hate it when someone invites you to coffee or asks to pick your brain? How do you deal with it? Chris’ strategy is something you should definitely read about.

Nicole FendeValuing the Intangible – What Non-Monetary Benefits are Really Worth. Not sure how to put a dollar value on that pro bono opportunity or freebie? Nicole gives a simple formula for calculating the actual value, and whether you got a sufficient return on your investment of time and expertise.

Brad ShorrWhy Are You Giving Away Your Expertise? Need to remember why you charge what you do? Or maybe why you should be charging more? Your expertise has value but sometimes you might forget that. This post will remind you.

Catherine MorganI’m Your Consultant, Not Your Lender. You want to have great relationships with your clients but it is important to remember the business part of the relationship, especially if the client has becomes a friend. (Make sure you read the comments.)

Nicole FendeYou’re Hired! (But I May Never Pay You). Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. You could be sabotaging your success. Nicole’s formulas clearly demonstrate if you are being too lenient with your receivables.