Here are the best posts on how to have a compelling brand. Are you consistent in the way you present yourself, your services, and your company? How do you want to be known? How do you want your story told? Does your “look and feel” reflect that? You will learn a lot from these posts but you will definitely have some laughs too. We strive to educate and amuse here at Business Unplugged™.

John Morgan7 Warning Signs Your Brand Sucks. Do you have any of these? After reading this, I added a bunch of testimonials on my website (when it previously had none).

Erika NapoletanoThere’s Something Dead Sexy About a Geek. Be yourself, even if it goes against the grain – or maybe especially if it does. After all, Erika’s book is The Power of Unpopular.

Chris Eh YoungSimplicity Sells. In a world full of jargon and buzzwords, Chris urges you to use normal language and stop trying to impress – because nobody is really impressed anyway.

Greg HartlePersonal Brand: It’s Not All About You. Greg exposes some of the smoke and mirrors people are using to create the perception that they are important. And then shares how you can create a compelling personal brand.