Seriously, go ahead…I will loan them to you

I was having lunch with my buddy Jason Seiden the other day and he mentioned how many people relate to me because, ultimately, they wanted my “balls”.  Now, normally that might seem strange to say about someone who biologically does not have any male genitalia, but it wasn’t. Loads of men and women have told me that I say the things they wish that they could say.

So, I figured that if you wish that you had your own pair but don’t, that I would let you borrow my brass cojones.  You now have the permission to be bold, provocative and even slightly outrageous if that feels authentic to you.  Tell people what you think.  Say what’s on your mind.  Stand up for yourself and what you believe it.  Own it, knowing that you now have a pair of major balls in your possession to lean on (they are brass- lean away).

The only catch is that you can only borrow them temporarily.  Then you need to get your own pair. 

Here you go: