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This interview is chock full of words of wisdom from a gentleman known as the “Wisdom Guy”, Hank Wasiak. A true Renaissance man, Hank is co-founder of The Concept Farm, one of today’s hottest creative companies and retired Vice Chairman of McCann Erickson WorldGroup. Plus, he is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, teacher, 14 time Emmy nominated Executive TV Producer, and three time Emmy award winning television host, board member of the American Heart Association and advocate of Asset-Based Thinking.

Hank and I cover a number of topics in our interview, including:

-What Asset-Based Thinking is and how you can implement it in your business;
-Why Hank thinks it is the best time ever to be in the marketing & communications business;
-How focusing on “deep ripples” instead of a “big splash” can help you grow your business;
-How to redefine the concept of personal branding to leverage it across your organization for success;
-What the 5th “P” stands for and why it is critical to your business;
-And more

You can listen to the player below (it may not show for some of you) or click here to download or stream the MP3 file.

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