If you feel like you’ve already missed the AI train and don’t even know where to start, I’ve got you. It was an absolute joy to watch three super-smart colleagues talk about what AI tools they are using and what the tools help them create.

Even more instructive was learning what the tools can’t do yet, and how you need to exercise judgment and discernment when using them. 

This is Susan Tyson’s video where she interviews Lorraine Minister and Kristina Sorrelli

They talk specifically about using ChatGPT, Jasper, and other AI tools for generating ideas, outlines, and first drafts for content creation and social media posts. 

They describe situations that can make the programs “go off the rails” and how sometimes you can bring them back, and sometimes you can’t. 

They also covered some of the potential legal risks and reputational risks you need to be aware of, including copyright infringement, fact checking, and checking the credibility of sources. (I wrote a separate post about this, “Are You Using AI for Writing? You Need to Consider the Legal Risks.”)

I learned a ton watching this video because I haven’t used AI tools yet, but these professionals use them every day. Watching this video will help you get up to speed quickly. Consider it the 101 course you were looking for. 

Spoiler alert: AI programs are just tools and won’t be replacing content creators and copywriters just yet. 

Photo by Microsoft Edge on Unsplash