Sue Koch is my go-to person for all things social media. She did a quick live on LinkedIn that caught my eye.

Most of you probably know that storytelling is a big part of what works on social media, but what if you have a product that isn’t “sexy” – or what if you sell technology?

Is it possible to humanize any brand? Can you humanize technology?

Sue says yes. She says, “In all cases, you really want to take it back to what is your product doing to alleviate a pain, a stress, a struggle – or bring joy – to the people who are using it.”

Sue also recommends thinking about the overall product experience, and what your customer feels, or the value they get, from using your product.

She talks about how you can use imagery effectively to support your storytelling.

But then she goes even further, asking you to dig deep and consider what your business stands for.

As with any compelling marketing, you want to tell stories and elicit emotions from readers or viewers.

Sue recommends getting feedback from your purchasers, which is good advice for all small business owners.

I highly recommend watching the short video below.

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Even if you’re not in those industries, you’ll learn a ton watching her short videos.

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