In “Mad at Wall Street for the Wrong Reasons,” a recent episode of The Roth Effect podcast, Carol Roth talks with Jen Ross, a former analyst at an all-short hedge fund and current strategy and business intelligence consultant for the US Space Force space program, primarily focused on program strategy and business intelligence.

Jen Ross and Carol Roth break down all the technical terms around trading and short-selling and other related Wall Street concepts that have recently been in the news with the GameStop and Reddit drama. Jen and Carol also talk about the issues around the Fed and the broader Main Street vs. Wall Street sentiment, as well as their respective lists on what could tank the stock market.

Plus, a “Now You Know” on how to make sure nobody sits next to you on a plane.

Jen is also responsible for flight operations during National Security Space launches, which means she works with a team of engineers to ensure that the rocket doesn’t hit anything in orbit during the launch, and that the second stage doesn’t hit anyone/anything when it falls back down to earth.

Listen to the full episode here.


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