So, you may know from my previous posts that I am my father’s only son and that I have a pair of balls (that I have been loaning out), so it’s not entirely surprising that I am representing the “double X” chromosome types at the Modern Media Man Summit in Atlanta (September 9-11).  I have the honor of speaking alongside some fantastic speakers who represent some of the best in social media, as well as Cal Ripken Jr. (who is speaking at the VIP cocktail event- how cool is that?).  And if you listen to my EI series interviews, then you know my love of game shows and can guess that I am totally jazzed to meet fellow speaker Todd Newton (of Whammy fame…).

The fabulous Liz Strauss and I are going to be talking about partnering strategies, and in particular, partnering with women.  Social media has made partnering and collaborating easier than ever, and with limited time and resources, is a great way for 1+1 to equal “3”.

We are going to be chatting about why partnering is important (and why men and women should consider partnering together).  We will explore how men and women approach partnering differently (e.g. why women obsess over perfectly coordinating their bras and panties while men couldn’t care less if they match as long as they come off…) and of course, how to pursue, form and maximize partnership- working together for most beneficial collaboration.

If you want to learn a bit more, here’s a recent interview that I did with Kevin Roy (one of the conference organizers):

I am also offering a free mastermind session for anyone who registers who is interested.  Listen to the interview to get the number to call to reserve your place in the special extra session.

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