Even if “the Benjamins” aren’t your main motivator, they can help you achieve whatever is…

One of the trends that continues to pop up in my discussions with entrepreneurs is that they are motivated by something other than profits.  The good news is that you can still be motivated by meaning or purpose and think big.

I spoke with an entrepreneur recently who had a very valuable service offering to help people save time.  Quite a purpose, as most of us could use a lot more of that!  She wasn’t motivated by profits, she just wanted to help people and earn a living.  “Good”, I told her, “by growing your company and training others to deliver your service, you can help an exponentially larger number of people.  And if you don’t care about the extra money coming in from that, you can bonus your staff, give it to charity or burn it.”

If you are really motivated by a higher purpose, then generating increased profits can help you achieve that goal.  You don’t personally have to keep all of the profits (unless you have equity investors that say you do); you can choose to do whatever you want with the profits at the end of the day, but stay focused on having a cash-generating business model to supercharge your purpose.