If you think your business goal is achievable, honey, it just isn’t big enough.

Way too many business owners and entrepreneurs do not have tangible goals for their businesses. And in many cases, the ones that do have goals have goals that they are comfortable reaching.

Well guess what? If you think you can easily reach your goal, it just isn’t big enough.

We have been trained since an early age to under-promise and over-deliver. This can be a great philosophy in certain areas like customer service and time management, but not for business growth.

Even publicly traded companies are trained by Wall Street to set dumbed-down goals. If a company misses their goal (in the form of their estimates for the quarter), even if they have done well, they are penalized substantially by the market.

This fear of shooting big and missing often leads businesses to sell themselves short. If you have an achievable goal, you will probably reach that but no more- at least, you won’t expend the energy to do so.

If you set a major goal- we are talking a Balls-To-the-Wall Crazy goal here- you push yourself to channel your inner McGyver or James Bond to find a way to make it happen. This usually comes by way of creating stepping stones of smaller goals that lead up to the BTWC (Balls-To-the-Wall Crazy) goal.

And when I mean BTWC, I mean BTWC. If you don’t think at least one person will laugh at you when you tell them, you need to think bigger.

Now, you might not make it, but if there isn’t any significant financial or other risk in doing so, what to you really have to lose in going for it? Who knows, you might just make it happen.

So, push yourself to continually set tangible, BTWC goals for your business (and any other parts of your life that you want) so that you can constantly strive to see what is possible and not just “ringer’ achievable.