The power in calling out the issue

At the World Business Forum 2010, one of my fellow featured bloggers was Faith Fuqua-Purvis.  Over a glamorous group lunch at TGI Friday’s, Faith told me that she was the type of consultant that helped companies address the “elephant in the room”.

Thinking how powerful and overlooked this approach was, I immediately dubbed her the “Elephant Whisperer”.

There are so many times when we have a personal or professional issue and are afraid to address it.  But how can you expect to solve a problem if you don’t identify that it exists in the first place?

Putting a name on the monster that is causing small or big issues immediately lessens its impact.   Once you name it, the willingness to address the issue allows you to move on, instead of staying stuck in limbo forever.  Yes, it may be awkward and uncomfortable temporarily, but being an elephant whisperer allows you to make progress and move forward.

And really, most people aren’t stupid.  They know that the elephant exists and will likely be completely relieved that you have addressed its presence.

The next time there is an elephant in the room, point it out, laugh and figure out a way to get it the heck out of there!