As we’re in the middle of spring-cleaning season, I started thinking about aspects of my business that need a little tidying up. One of these is definitely my website.

If you haven’t taken an inventory of your website in a while, you might want to schedule a little time to review the following:


I am way overdue for a new headshot. When friends keep asking how long ago that picture was taken, you probably need a new headshot. And yes, even if you think you look the same.

I recently got new glasses and let my hair go a little grey. I look different and I should probably go have some new pictures taken that reflect the new (and in my opinion improved) me.

I do want to caution you against touching up your headshots too much. Editing out a pimple or something is fine, but people who try to take years or pounds off of their face seem inauthentic. If someone wouldn’t easily recognize you when you walked into a room, you’ve gone too far.


Does your website need new or more pictures? Visuals are important, especially as websites seem to be evolving toward more visual and less long-form written content.

The general guidance is that real pictures of you and your team are preferable to stock photos. That said, you can certainly use stock photos if they will have some impact on the viewer.

Bland business pictures of bland people doing bland things are…well…bland.


I am sure you’ve read all the statistics that video content is what algorithms are prioritizing these days in search.

I’m also sure you’ve read that some crazy big percentage of content will be video within a few years. I think there will always be a need for valuable written content, but there is no doubt that video is the current trend.

Blog posts

Blog posts can be short, medium, or long. They also can be embedded videos (vlog).

Videos have gotten really easy for me, so I have taken the incredibly lazy way out recently by posting my videos natively on LinkedIn so my professional network sees them, and then copying the embed code and using it as a blog post. If this makes no sense, you can view my blog here.

Sometime the path of least resistance is the right way to go, especially for the busy entrepreneur. Do whatever you need to do to post regularly.


When was the last time you reviewed your professional bio? Have you added recent accomplishments and deleted the older stuff? I know I need to add that to my to-do list.

And, while you’re at it, check out each bio you have posted on your social media platforms to make sure they are current.

Content on other sites

Have you been quoted in an article or interviewed on a podcast? Have you added these quotes, mentions, or interviews to your website somewhere with links back?

Social proof is important. Even if the interview was on your friend’s podcast, you will be perceived as more of an expert if you have been featured on someone else’ platform.

However, you do get bonus points if it’s a well-respected site. Definitely make sure those mentions and links are on your website.

It’s important to remember that prospects often do a lot of research on you before they reach out for a conversation. Make sure potential prospects can find your best stuff.

I hope these suggestions have inspired you to take a look at your website with fresh eyes. I’ll bet you’ll find several things you need to update. I know I have!