Paying with Credit CardCarol’s latest post on is about something many of you may be considering: mobile payments. If you don’t currently take them, you probably should look into it. In “Mobile Payment Apps: How to Choose the Right One” Carol begins:

“Software providers, financial institutions, computer hardware manufacturers —it seems like everyone is jumping into the mobile payments space. Should your small business accept mobile payments? The answer is probably “yes.”

But, whether you are just beginning this process or re-evaluating payment options for your business, you might want to start by stepping back and evaluating how you are bringing your products and services to market. Be sure that you also carefully consider who your clients are and what their payment preferences might be.

For example, if you are selling books, crafts or clothing at conferences, expos, speaking engagements, fairs or pop-up shops, you will definitely want to consider adding the ability to take mobile payments. You want to capitalize on the opportunity to make the sale while potential buyers are excited. People might say they will go to your website when they get home, but they may get distracted or busy and you will miss out on the sale.”

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