working together When you are establishing your business or launching a new product or service, it’s prudent to take a longer view and determine whether you will be able to continue doing something in the future.

Customers come to expect certain things from your business, and when you take them away, you risk irritating your customers. Carol talks about this in a recent article on titled “Don’t Risk Losing That Spark. Set Realistic Expectations With Customers Early On.” She begins:

“It’s amazing how much you can learn about what to do and not to do in business from personal relationships. One of the biggest lessons is that setting authentic expectations up front is the key to the foundation of a relationship’s longevity.

If you meet a guy or gal, the way you behave on the first few dates sets the tone for the entire relationship. The same goes for business. Your service, offers and selection that you put forth when you first interact with a prospective customer will be what they expect to be the norm.

If you decide you no longer can or want to provide that level of service, offer the the same deals or narrow your selection, then you risk making that customer angry.”

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