Do the Kind Thing bookI love KIND bars. I carry them with me everywhere because they travel well and I’m prone to low blood sugar. They’re healthy, delicious, and satisfying.

People make fun of me for always carrying around snacks, like a mom does for a toddler. So be it. (Unless they’re hungry, and then they thank me.)

Carol interviewed the founder of KIND, Daniel Lubetzky, recently in a post on titled “Unlikely Lessons From Building a Multi-Million Dollar Social Business.” Carol begins:

“As Daniel Lubetzky tells it, he was inspired to start a company that wasn’t constrained by trading one thing for another. That’s how the idea of a snack that’s delicious and nutritious came to life, all built on an underlying purpose to be more than a brand focused only on growing sales.

 The son of a Holocaust survivor, Lubetzky was inspired by hearing his father’s story of the small acts of kindness shown to him during a dark time. He vowed to focus on building bridges between people, while also building a business that upheld core values. After 11 years of failures from other entrepreneurial ventures, he finally penetrated the competitive natural snacks and bars category to create what is now KIND Snacks, a business that he dubs “not-ONLY-for-profit”. And profit he has, with more than a billion KIND bars sold to date and a solid nine-figures a year in revenue business.”

It was a fascinating read with good takeaways. You can find the the rest of the post here.