Business HeroFaster is better, right? We all value our time, and we want other people to value it as well. As business owners, it seems like if we can do things for our customers faster, they’ll be happier with us.

This can be the case, but sometimes faster isn’t better. Sometimes doing things faster might actually make customers go elsewhere.

Carol’s latest post on the Nextiva blog explores this. In “Is Speed the Best Way for Small Businesses to Attract Customers?” Carol begins:

“The fast casual business model enjoys continued success for a reason that goes beyond low prices: customers are busy people who see time as money. Every minute that they spend waiting for service is a minute lost to other daily activities. This same concept holds true for any business — from store-fronts to consulting services. But in some cases, faster service can cause a speedy customer exit. Before taking action to accelerate your operations, you have to ask three basic questions to make sure that your changes attract customers, rather than deter them.”

Carol then walks us through several examples of what small business owners need to consider. You can read the rest of the post here.