Professionals come to me when they’ve “hit the wall” with their business. They are fed up and tired. Everything that was once interesting and exciting has become a grind.

Generally, these people have been in their businesses 7-15 years. And often they have been quite successful. But then a string of client frustrations, lumpy revenue events, or life situations have make everything seem much harder.

I get it. I think we all want to throw in the towel some point, but what if you could reimagine your business? What if you could create the next version of your business that fits your current situation better?

Here’s what I know about being a business owner: it’s hard to see past your own blinders. You only know your experience, and may not even be able to imagine possibilities. Especially if you are feeling a little worn down.

Ask other business owners

Find other business owners and ask them how they manage or work through whatever you are experiencing. You might get some valuable insights. I promise you’ll hear their stories about similar situations and learn that everyone experiences the frustrations are feeling.

Ask a mentor

Do you have someone you look up to? Someone who’s been in business longer than you have, or maybe has had more success than you have?

If you don’t have one currently, would you be willing to look for one? You might want to check out the mentors available through SCORE.

Ask a coach

Whatever you’re experiencing, there is an expert who can help you work through that specific issue. Are you struggling with your marketing, social media, sales process, finances? Find a coach who specializes in working with professionals at your stage of business on that specific issue.

Yes, there will be an investment, but if you find the right person, they might be able to get you back on track quickly. How valuable would that be?

Ask yourself

Often, we are so busy running on the hamster wheel that we forget to slow down, get quiet, and check in with ourselves.

Go back in your mind and remember what it felt like when you were kicking major butt. Close your eyes and picture a time when you were working your magic and getting great feedback. What could you do in your business to spend more time like that?

Do you need to be more selective about what clients you work with? Do you need to adjust your product or service mix? Is one aspect of your business sucking you dry? Is there a way you could package your knowledge, leverage your time, or bring in more revenue with that you’ve already created?

Do you see how fun this process could be? There are often possibilities you haven’t considered. Frequently the way to get your business mojo back isn’t that hard.

In fact, it may have been hiding in plain sight.