From The Entrepreneurship Interview Series

You know I have a slightly different perspective on entrepreneurship than the average business strategist, so it is always a pleasure to speak with someone else who is a little “left of center”.  Mike Michalowicz, who has started three million-dollar plus businesses and who helps early stage businesses through his very popular website and blog, shares with us his unique and “scrappy” perspective on entrepreneurship.

Mike and I cover a number of topics in our interview, including:

  -What it means to be a Toilet Paper Entrepreneur;

  -How Mike got the major bookstores to place orders for his book;

  -The best kind of business to start if you are low on cash;

  -Why he doesn’t think size matters (at least in business);

  -What it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur;

  -What advantages women entrepreneurs can exploit;

  -And more

You can listen to the player below (it may not show for some of you) or click here to download or stream the MP3 file.

You can connect with Mike at his Toilet Paper Entrepreneur website and you can also find his Toilet Paper Entrepreneur book available everywhere.   Feel free to leave comments here as well and I will pass them on to Mike.

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