Give yourself some credit for all the work you do!

I recently had lunch with a fantastic woman that I have known for years who had reached out for some help as she evaluated her current career opportunities.  She said something that struck me as odd.  She thanked me for being willing to help her and told me she was “blessed” to have contacts like me and other colleagues that were willing to help her.

I looked at her with my head cocked sideways and said, “Blessed?  Being blessed didn’t establish this relationship. You and your hard work did!  If your last name was Rockefeller and I was here because of that, then you would be blessed.  I am here because of what you have achieved and your willingness to nurture a professional relationship over many years.”

She looked at me with wide eyes and then said softly, “Thank you for acknowledging that.”

Why can’t we give ourselves credit for what we do?  If you win the lottery (financial, genetic or otherwise), then I will buy that you are blessed.  However, if you have worked your ass off, you have worked your ass off.  Don’t discount that.

A special thanks to Liz Strauss and Alan Roby who always remind me of the same.