Do you sometimes feel like having a small business is a handicap?

Carol shares some ways it can actually be a competitive advantage in her recent post on, “How to Successfully Compete Against the Big Guys as a Small Business.” Carol begins:

“Have you ever found yourself apologizing for being a small business? Maybe you’ve felt like you can’t compete against the “big guys?”

Instead of feeling at a disadvantage, celebrate and embrace the advantages of being a small business. Here are some ways you can successfully compete and win customers away from the big guys.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Small businesses can wow customers by getting to know them and treating them like royalty.

My colleague always raves about her local butcher store. Just like when Norm walked into Cheers, when she walks into the store everybody looks up and loudly calls her name. They remember what she likes, they point out new items, ask her about her business, and generally they make shopping fun.

What chain grocery store could match that experience?

Give Them What They Want

Customers want high quality and consistency. As a small business, you’re able to keep close tabs on production and delivery.

Nothing is more irritating than going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite dish, only to find that it’s different than the last time you ordered it. You had your heart set on something being prepared a very specific way, and even if it’s good, it’s bound to be disappointing.”

You can read the rest of the post here.