We all know that cats are really the internet’s favorite thing. And, while they are entertaining, instead of just mindlessly watching video after video online, you can actually learn from them and improve your business at the same time. Your business may not have nine lives, so make the most of the one you’ve got and follow these tips:

Learn to hiss.

Cats hiss as a warning when they don’t like what’s happening or when they don’t want to do something- it’s basically their way of saying “No!” Now, while I don’t recommend actually hissing at people (though I’m sure that there are times when you might want to!), “No” is a powerful word that most entrepreneurs don’t say enough and some have a hard time saying at all.

So, embrace the word “No” whenever your gut tells you to- when an opportunity comes your way that doesn’t make sense for you or pay you enough, when you get an event invite that you really don’t have time to attend or even when you have a potential new client that is sending up red flags right from the start. Your time, energy and sanity are extremely valuable, so act like a cat. Avoid the lengthy explanation and just respond with a simple “No”.

Learn to set play-time.

Cats need play-time every day; otherwise, they can’t focus their energy appropriately and wind up running around like crazy, knocking things off of shelves or chewing on things that they shouldn’t. The same thing goes for entrepreneurs. If you don’t set aside designated “play-time”, you won’t be able to focus and will get much more easily distracted during important work-time.

Play-time can be anything from a set half-hour to surf the web, several ten-minute stretch sessions throughout the day, a daily hour-long walk or even a 45 minute coffee break at Starbucks- whatever works best for you. Scheduling daily play-time right into your calendar will help keep you focused on the task at hand during work time, instead of getting distracted by that falling piece of dust!

And, take time for cat-naps, too. Though I don’t suggest sleeping 15-16 hours a day like some cats do (although I would love to!), taking time to rest, relax and decompress is essential to avoid the burn-out that many entrepreneurs experience. Once a year, I even schedule an immovable vacation where I completely unplug. This allows me to come back to work feeling refreshed and with a clearer mindset and outlook.

Learn persistence.

When a cat wants something, they relentlessly go after it. Whether they’re stalking a bird or just want some human attention, they won’t give up until they get what they are seeking. Now, you definitely shouldn’t actually stalk anybody or rub up against their legs, but entrepreneurs should pursue their goals with the same cat-like persistence.

Rejection, procrastination, fear of success (or failure) and just plain laziness can all derail even the most promising entrepreneurs and businesses. So, write out a plan to reach your biggest goals with smaller milestones along the way. Take small, consistent and intentional steps each day towards reaching those smaller milestones and reward yourself whenever you reach one. Your daily efforts will start to snowball after a while and your persistence will pay off before you know it.

Learn from the above and you’ll be an entrepreneurial fat cat in no time!