I think we could all use a good laugh, so I am offering myself up for your amusement today.

You’re welcome.

Disclaimer: I am not an essential worker and I don’t have kids at home, so my primary concerns during our shelter-in-place time were:

1. Not losing my marbles

2. Getting the stress and anxiety out of my body and energy

3. Not gaining 20 lbs

I am a devoted walker and have a yin yoga practice that I enjoy, but I was long overdue to add in some kind of cardio workout.

I wasn’t even dancing like a fool in my kitchen to my playlist anymore. I just wasn’t feeling it.

Then, I found out my good friend David J.P. Fisher (aka D. Fish) was teaching Zumba classes online, which he jokingly referred to as Zoomba, since they were taught on Zoom.

Bonus was the fact that video cameras are OFF – it’s the default setting for his classes.

Now, David’s day job is training and coaching companies and solo business owners on selling and networking. Go check him out on LinkedIn here. What I love about this is he’s a friend and a guy with an average build – not some fitness geek with an unattainable body type.

(I’ve been actively targeted by one company on Facebook and I find their marketing too gross to buy their very good product that I would probably enjoy.)

When I started joining the classes, I could make it about 20 minutes – and I looked a lot like this:

A month later, I was able to get through the whole class – panting.

Another month later, I was doing most of the moves, and wasn’t even out of breath by the end of class.

How cool is that?

Now that I had my cardio dialed in, I needed some ab help. The thought of doing an ab workout sounded miserable, so I bought an online belly dancing course. (!) These classes are all recorded, so if I close my shades, there will never be humiliating YouTube viral video evidence.

As some background, I loved when my favorite band, Guitarra Azul, used to bring a belly dancer when they played in a restaurant called Katerina’s years ago.

Oddly enough, I already had this outfit, which I bought in Cancun 15+ years ago. I thought you would get a kick out of this pic.

All of this is to give YOU permission to try something out of your normal comfort zone and totally suck at it.

Seriously, I crack myself up AND I am getting into great shape – bonus!

As D. Fish always says, “There are no mistakes, just solos.”