Virtual events aren’t going away anytime soon. Just like that meeting that could have been an email, we’ve realized that some (most?) face-to-face meetings could be virtual meetings.

Even when we can meet in person, we’re still going to opt for virtual meetings when they make sense.

Carol Roth has been a host and panelist on virtual webinars, streamed events, and TV for more than a decade, and she share her best tips on how to engage an audience remotely and have a successful event in “5 tips to have a successful Zoom or other virtual event” posted on Fox Business.

From the article:

As it appears that mid to large size events will be virtual for the foreseeable future, and likely a more meaningful component of events once in-person gatherings return, it is important that your organization gives some thought to how to make these events more engaging and successful.

As someone who has done virtual and remote audience engagement as a host and panelist on webinars and television for more than a decade now, here are some of my tips:

1. Get a professional virtual event host and/or moderator — seriously. Engaging an audience takes skill. Engaging an audience when you can’t see them and then, keeping them engaged, takes deep and different skills.

You should hire a host who has remote experience, high energy and remembers to talk to the audience and bring them into the conversation, even when they are not there.

It may not seem hard to do, but there is a world of difference between amateurs and professionals here and it can make the difference between people finding value in your event and not finding value in your event.

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